Thursday, August 03, 2006

The beautiful fields in Goa

Fields in Goa
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We have many fields in Goa, in front of people's houses.

Fields are very important. Children go in the water, and some children play in the water. In the monsoon season, they also get baby fishes and snails. The children collect it. The children love the fields.

For big people it also has a use. The big people grow their paddy. And the big people also collect snails to eat. A field is very important.

In front of house, there is a field. The dogs run and play in it. I will name three dogs -- Pretinho, Blacky and Sultan. In the evening or afternoon, they run in the field and play. They must be running in the morning also, but I never see them because I'm at school.

That's why fields are so important. The ending of my story: the fields of Goa are so beautiful and you can get good value from them.Like good-value toys.

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