Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mixed feelings about Barbie

Some children like Barbie, and some children don't like Barbie.

First, I used to like Barbie. We had a team of Barbie. Now, we like another team called Wins Club. My friends often tell me, "You got to like only one team." But I like both. Barbie and Wins Club.

Some children also don't like Barbie, because they like many other things. My Daddy says Barbie spends all her time dressing up and combing her hair. My father also says Barbie is not interested in being smart.

I like the Barbie Princess, Dahlia, Barbie of Swan Lake, Barbie of Rapunzel, Barbie and the Pauper.

I have three dolls. One doll's name is Aurora. The other doll's name is Beauty, and the other one is Candy. One of the dolls, Uncle Kevin gave me in Bombay. The other was a birthday gift from my mother. And the third, somebody gave it to me.... My Daddy also gave me one, her name was Swan Lake.

Abigail is the one who has the most Barbies, but her little sister spoils them sometimes.

I mean I like Barbie. I have read three Barbie books -- The Dream Skipper, Star Baby Sitter Barbie I've read myself. I spelt them hard. I only could get the small words.

Barbie of Morocco is a very nice book. It is a story of Barbie going to Morocco. There, she stays in a palace and makes a friend, Fatima, the princess of Morocco. They also have a big party.

My brother likes Barbies. I thought the other boys don't like Barbies. But one boy, who came for the reading club, had a small Barbie sticker with him.

Photos, on top, Barbie. Above, Cindrella, Aurora and Snow White.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Me and my friends

Photo below: Simron, me, Heidi

Now I would like to tell you the names of some of my friends.

My best friend's name is Abigail (and Isabel). Abigail is the leader of our team. The name of my team is the Winsclub Team. Blue, Stella, Techna, Glenda, Flora are the members of this team. (Abi, Gabi, Heidi, Isabel and me.)

My other friends are Gabi, Heidi, Lianne, and Sacchi. Sacchi has two twin sisters, named Simmi and Simron. They are cute. Whenever I come, they run and open the door.

My teacher's name is Teacher Sybil. She is good to me. She often takes us down for games. She also gives us drawing, which is my best subject.

My friend in my class is Suhail. Cheryl is also my friend. And Shivona.

In my reading class, I have many friends too. Harvey, Havana, Malaika, Abigail, Gabi, Heidi, Isabel, Nina, George and Victoria.

One day, I went to the beach. I was with my friend Isabel.

We were walking around on the beach. Suddenly, we saw a girl. I said to my friend Isabel, "Let's make friends with that girl." So she said, "Okay. Let's go."

I held her hand, and we said, "Hello. What is your name?"

She was eating something. She said "Life".

Then, she started playing with us. We asked her, "Where is your mother?" She said her mother is in England. She said, I have come with my friends.

Me and my friend took our buckets. We filled water, and we started playing. We were playing so much that we had such a good time at the beach... Okay, finished. I'm going....

A fan

I am a great fan of the Harry Potter movies. I often trouble my Mama and Dada to take me for the Harry Potter movies. They say, "No. It is too scary." I say, "Okay".
I also often like to read the books. I feel the books and the movies are very interesting. Harry Potter is very famous. All the kids like him.
One day, my cousins told me that they have six books of Harry Potter. They love to read them, and they almost read them every day.
When I went to Bombay, I had carried one Harry Potter with me. My cousin Ritchie used to read it every day. He read the full book. It was very interesting.

Riza... and The Butterfly

My name is Riza. I am in the second standard. I am seven years old. I have a little brother named Aren. He is two years old. His school's name is Play School. I want to tell a little story. The name of the story is The Little Butterfly:

Once there was a butterfly. One day, the butterfly went for a walk. He was playing with his friends, and suddenly it got late. It became dark. The poor butterfly didn't know his way home. He was lost. And frightened.

Suddenly, he heard a sound. A butterfly like him came up to him. The other butterfly said: "Are you lost?"

He said, "Yes I am."

The other butterfly asked: "What is your mother's name?"

He replied: "Ella."

"Oh," said the other butterfly. "I know your mother. I will take you to your home." Then, she held his hand, and she told him, "Don't worry. I will take you home."

She took him home, and suddenly he reached his own home.

He was glad to see his mother and father. His mother and father told him to never go out like that again.

The moral of the story is: first tell your parents and then go.