Sunday, February 27, 2011

A person I admire

I have a little brother and his name is Aren,he is 7 years old...he has many hobbies like drawing,painting,repairing motors,reading...he love reading so much that he cant go to sleep without reading at least 10 pages,he studies very hard and gets A,B+ and sometimes C+.
He goes to Mater Dei Instituon,Saligao...His favorate subjects are Science,Maths,Litrature..but he hates Konkani and hindi.he is very special to me..
I love him..!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Facebook...going not going...

Almost everyone in my school is on Facebook..everyone talks about it..But now on facebook messages are being sent that there are too many accounts and no active facebook has decided to shut down all the accounts in March and all the active users can make accounts again..

I like facebook alot..i have made alot of new friends and learned alot of new i dont want facebokk to star all over again..i will have to find all my new friends again..and add new people..!!
So facebook please dont go..!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

farewell...i am going 2 miss u guys..:(

On the 19th of Feb my school had a farewell for the 10th std students..everyone was sad because,this 10th std class was an awesome class..from the 10th my friends are Felicia,Lorraine,Shannel,Alphina,Sheetal,Samanthan...etc..Their class teacher praises them alot,And my principle says they were a very good class..
I will miss them because they have been there for a long time,they were an awsome class,and we learned from their gud doings..
I wish when i reach in 10th std,My class one day also will be known as the best class..