Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sailee... and the cockroach

We had a very funny thing happening in our class, about Sailee. A girl was s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g. "What happened?" we thought.

In our class, some days ago, Teacher Merlin (Kimberly's mother, a new teacher who takes up some subjects) came. Suddenly Sailee started screaming, "Mum-mmie, mum-mmie, mum-mmie."

Teacher Merlin said, "What happened?"

Sailee said, "Zollo ailoh." (A cockroach came on me.)

Aha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

The cockroach then went, and it crawled on a girl named Zinia. But Zinia just sat in her place and laughed. Blossom, Sailee's partner, started laughing at Sailee too.

We didn't know what was happening, that's why it was so funny.

When I came home I laughed and told my daddy, and, in the night, I told my mummy.

Ganpati festival is coming

I'll just give you some little news of Ganesh. Ganesh is a god in the Hindu religion, and many people like him. One day his mother Parvati was sitting. She wanted to have a bath, and didn't want anybody to come inside the house. She didn't trust anybody. So, she took all her dirt and made a little boy Ganesh. As Shiva, Ganesh's father returned, he said, "Let me go in." But Ganesh said, "No, my mother told me not to let anybody to come in."

Shiva got angry and cut Ganesh's head off. Parvati put a new elephant's head for Ganesh. That is how, he got the head of an elephant.

I like the Ganesh festival, because it's fun ... and we also get a holiday from school. Many people come to visit us, and we get to go out. We go to some friends house.

For Ganesh people make sweets like 'neuros', 'kalkals'. They put a Ganesh inside their house. They put fruits for him, to give him an offer. Apples, bananas, organges, whatever.

My principal said children will have to bring clay from home and make a Ganesh. They will have to make it in school, and paint it at home.

A veggies contest... (vegetables)

In my school, my principal said, "We are having a vegetable contest on Monday (August 21)." So we were happy. But many were not taking part. From our class only three are taking part: Diksha, Alister and Sarfraz.

In other schools they have it of cloth vegetables. In our school, it's a fresh vegetable competition.

You have to wear green clothes insides, and tie vegetables and make a dress, and put greenpeas for a ears, make a cabbage dress, or make a crown of ladyfingers. Or you could take a round pumpkin and make a hat.

I'm not taking part in it, because many children like to eat vegetables. We don't like to stick them on our body. Many mothers don't have the time to do it, and my mother also... and I don't like it.

My trip to Santanna

Santanna Tiswadi (Goa)
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On Sunday, when we were getting dressed to go out. We came out. As usual, I was standing out in the balcony. Suddenly, we saw a car. It stopped by our house. I was wondering who it was.

They all came out.

I ran in and said, "Daddy, Uncle Vijay is come."

Then Vijay said, "Where are you'll going?"

My father said, "We don't plan and we go."

We went for a long drive. Suddenly I said to my father, "Daddy, there look a palace." My father told me it was a church.

Then we went inside the church. A kind lady opened it for us and took us in. My father took many photos. Inside a small tunnel of the church, the ladies found their missing football. They let us then play with the missing football.

I like to visit churches. Specially very old churches, which are fun to visit. You can see old paintings and things. If you visit very young churches you cannot see the old things.

We played football and I scored so many goals on Vijay.

Aren is 3

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My brother's name is Aren. He was three years old yesterday.

In the morning, I was very excited, because it was my brother's birthday, and I felt very happy that all the children are going to come to my house. Then I went to school, and then found out that it was a girl named Neha's birthday too. She gave us sweets and all.

When I came back home, I was happy and wished my brother happy birthday. He only looked at me, and said, "Welcome" by mistake. Afterwards, Granme and Joce sent him a gift, because they couldn't come from Bombay.

The gifts what they sent for him was one car, four story books, a short-pant. That's all.

At the party, we had called many friends. But we called one school friend of my brother's, whose name is Steve. Steve didn't come, so Aren was very sad. When we met to the supermarket, we met Steve's father, and he said that he forgot to send Steve. He forgot about the party.

The children we called were Arjan, Rohan, Abigail, Gabby, Heidi, Sachi, Shimmi, Shimron, Joshua, Keenan, Nora, Isabel and Lian (with her brother Keenan). There are two Keenans. Most of them were my friends. Because they were big children. We didn't call the small children because there were not many small children that we knew. Steve didn't come. But Arjan, Rohan and Keenan and baby Keenan and Nora were Aren's friends.

We had lot of fun at the party. There was a nice girl named Ruth, who lives close by our house. She came to help and decided the games. The party went quite well. When the party got over, I counted all the gifts, and I got not even one. Only Arjan, Rohan and my father had given me one. And it was not my birthday. When my birthday is gonna come, I'm going to have a big party with all my friends and Aren's friends too. We're going to have a great time.

Friday, August 11, 2006

My school concert

Tomorrow we have to sing a patriotic song, and the name of our song is Hum Sab Bharatiya Haim (We Are All Indians).

Standard I (Zuyo) is singing the song called Hum Honge Kamayab (We Shall Overcome). Standard IV will sing Vingad Ranga Cho (Of Different Colours).

Tomorrow our chief guest is coming. His name is Mr Orlando Lobo. He teaches in one school. Sister Esmeralda, our principal, said that Mr Orlando Lobo is coming to our school as the chief guest, so we have to sing nicely.

There was a very funny problem going on with our class. When we were singing in our class, our voices used to come out loud and the opposite two classes used to hear us. But when we went on the stage, our voices came soft. So teacher Bella said, we had to do something. Teacher told us that the children who were in front of the stage also had to sing.

Today was the day that we sang quite well. Teacher Nita said every year they have to give out a prize to the students who are the best.

There were two girls. One girl was Jefora, and the other's name was Cleta. They both won the prize. It will be given tomorrow. It was decided on yesterday.

Tomorrow, I am Sarojini Naidu. Sarojini Naidu was a lady who used to speak English and she was one of the leaders of India, who helped our country. She was a freedom fighter. And there's another girl in my class, whose name is Diksha, and she is acting like Jhansi Ki Rani. Jhansi Ki Rani was one of the freedom fighters also ... a queen.

There are two kinds of Jhansi Ki Ranis. One was when she was small, and when she was big. Our teacher said we cannot do Jhansi ki Rani when she was a small kid. Even for Sarojini Naidu, we had to dress up big people. Diksha wore a yellow sari and a little bun on her hair, and a little pink cloth hanging down. And I just have to wear a maroon sari and these purple chappals.

We have to dress up from home. My mother dresses me up, and she dresses it very well. It's not difficult to wear a sari. It's difficult for me, but not for my mother. Because I cannot put it on. It's difficult to put it on. A sari is a very long Indian dress, which you have to tie, and make pleats.

You have to walk with it very nicely. I have a children's sari. I don't know big it is, but I will find out from my mother and tell you.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My book: faiThGirLz! <>

One lady, called Tami Brady, sent us -- sent my father -- some books. So my father looked at all of them, and there was an interesting one about blogging.

My father gave it to me, when I was doing my tuitions in the evening. I've not read it yet. But I'm going to read it when I'm eight years. I'm going to try to read it now. It's for (children aged) 8 to 12, but any other kids can make a blog. Why cannot they?

I am seven-and-a-half. On October 16, I'm going to be eight.

My mother bought me a book, about things to do at home, on your own or with your parents and somebody who can supervise you. I know to read that book.

I manage to read small stories. All that I know. But I'm trying to read like a Harry Potter book now. I'm going to start it. I'm starting from tomorrow. I'm starting from Saturday....

My loving mother

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My mother does so much for me. In the night she gives me dinner, she sends me out to play in the evening with my friends or she takes me for a nice outing. She gives me nice things to eat. She takes us for so many outings. She also takes us to Bombay.

My mother gets me ready to go to school. My mother takes me for parties. She brings me toys. And for my birthday, she also makes a cake with her own two hands.

She comes home from work and she gives us tea. She also helps me in my studies. My mother also plays with me and also takes my brother to school. What a loving mother I got. My mother and me are very best friends.

A visit to Colvale

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My father told me that Colvale is the last village of Bardez before you reach Pernem. We went to a church in the village, which is near the riverside. We saw some crabs, and my brother was screaming because he was very happy, like a little imp.

Colvale is a nice riverside village, where you can play and all. We bought some nice 'chakli' from Colvale and we liked it very much.

We went to a quiet side and saw a boat. There was a long stick. It was a big one but didn't look hard at all. My brother was breaking some pieces of the stick and throwing it in the water. He was having such good fun at Colvale.

We left at 6.30 and reached at 7 o'clock sharp. Then we went to Florentine and got some chicken cafreal. My brother was very happy. But the chicken was very spicy.

Me and my mama ate the chicken, but it was too spicy for my brother. If any of you want to go to Colvale, you'll might a very good time there.

The beautiful fields in Goa

Fields in Goa
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We have many fields in Goa, in front of people's houses.

Fields are very important. Children go in the water, and some children play in the water. In the monsoon season, they also get baby fishes and snails. The children collect it. The children love the fields.

For big people it also has a use. The big people grow their paddy. And the big people also collect snails to eat. A field is very important.

In front of house, there is a field. The dogs run and play in it. I will name three dogs -- Pretinho, Blacky and Sultan. In the evening or afternoon, they run in the field and play. They must be running in the morning also, but I never see them because I'm at school.

That's why fields are so important. The ending of my story: the fields of Goa are so beautiful and you can get good value from them.Like good-value toys.