Friday, August 11, 2006

My school concert

Tomorrow we have to sing a patriotic song, and the name of our song is Hum Sab Bharatiya Haim (We Are All Indians).

Standard I (Zuyo) is singing the song called Hum Honge Kamayab (We Shall Overcome). Standard IV will sing Vingad Ranga Cho (Of Different Colours).

Tomorrow our chief guest is coming. His name is Mr Orlando Lobo. He teaches in one school. Sister Esmeralda, our principal, said that Mr Orlando Lobo is coming to our school as the chief guest, so we have to sing nicely.

There was a very funny problem going on with our class. When we were singing in our class, our voices used to come out loud and the opposite two classes used to hear us. But when we went on the stage, our voices came soft. So teacher Bella said, we had to do something. Teacher told us that the children who were in front of the stage also had to sing.

Today was the day that we sang quite well. Teacher Nita said every year they have to give out a prize to the students who are the best.

There were two girls. One girl was Jefora, and the other's name was Cleta. They both won the prize. It will be given tomorrow. It was decided on yesterday.

Tomorrow, I am Sarojini Naidu. Sarojini Naidu was a lady who used to speak English and she was one of the leaders of India, who helped our country. She was a freedom fighter. And there's another girl in my class, whose name is Diksha, and she is acting like Jhansi Ki Rani. Jhansi Ki Rani was one of the freedom fighters also ... a queen.

There are two kinds of Jhansi Ki Ranis. One was when she was small, and when she was big. Our teacher said we cannot do Jhansi ki Rani when she was a small kid. Even for Sarojini Naidu, we had to dress up big people. Diksha wore a yellow sari and a little bun on her hair, and a little pink cloth hanging down. And I just have to wear a maroon sari and these purple chappals.

We have to dress up from home. My mother dresses me up, and she dresses it very well. It's not difficult to wear a sari. It's difficult for me, but not for my mother. Because I cannot put it on. It's difficult to put it on. A sari is a very long Indian dress, which you have to tie, and make pleats.

You have to walk with it very nicely. I have a children's sari. I don't know big it is, but I will find out from my mother and tell you.

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steamroller B&W said...

I hate the Hum sab song...hve terrible memories of the bitch of a supposed music teacher brandishing ruler in her hand...spanking us with hum sub bhartiya hain sing-song.

Child,welcome to the ruthless world.

No hard feelings, if its beyond you, it's all good.