Friday, September 29, 2006

This is the girl who's blogging, and it's me

Riza, at 5
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In this photo, I'm five years old. And I was just sitting on the chair, and feeling funny because they were taking a photo.

When I was five years old, I'll tell you what kind of a cake I had for my birthday. Everybody knows what a mermaid is. But this was a nice mermaid, and her name was Ariel the Little Mermaid. It was a nice cake. And all the children were worrying me to eat Ariel.

Some boys wanted to eat Prince Eric, some wanted to eat the crab Sebastian, the girls wanted to eat Flounder (the fish). Ariel is the mermaid. Eric is a human prince, but Ariel is a Mer-Princess.

When I was five, I used to always like to go to Baga beach. But now I don't like to go there, because they don't have shells (on that beach). I like to go to beaches where there's water coming coming close, and where there's a small stream. With beautiful trees, with many rocks to sit on and restaurants.

When I was five, I also had a friend, who was my best friend, and her name was Abigail. She's still my friend, and when I was five, she was six. Now, when she is eight, I am also eight. Because she's just a little older to me. She's going to be nine, and even I'm going to be nine. Now I am in the third standards, and so is she.

I like a teenager picture of me when I'm a little bit bigger. This picture looks so small, like a baby. And I had short hair. I like long hair also. I like pants or long skirts, but not short skirts. I like chanya-cholis or sarwal-khameez ....but not sarees.

My father is good

My father doesn't let me play on the computer often. My father takes me for outings. My father brings some things for me when he comes from work.

Now I'm going to give not a positive comment: my father is a journalist.

My father plays with me. All fathers do that... so it's not a positive one.

My father doesn't bring me Barbie dolls. My father takes me for movies also. My father takes me to nice restaurants also... but that's not a positive one, because all fathers do that. My father also doesn't let me eat too many sweets. My father also lets me watch TV on Sundays.

My father kisses me... no, no, no. When my father is going to any foreign countries, then I cry. But all the children do that. My father is the best man in the whole world... Finally, my father makes me do blogging. And he's a photo-collector. He got many photos.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: The above entry was written after Riza was told to avoid excessive praise ... being her dad's main fan ... as is typical with girls of her age. :-)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lourdes Convent is near my house...

Lourdes Convent
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Lourdes Convent is a very good school. I like it very much. It's my best school. They teach us many things: computers, craft, drawing, games and art-work ("wealth out of waste") and singing, and PT. Jokes, riddles, songs and general knowledge questions. We also have a playing time, where we play.

A special teacher comes for us and gives us all games.

I got some teachers who are very kind to me. The first standard teachers are Sister Angeline and Teacher Rosy. The second teachers are Teacher Savia and Teacher Sybil. And the third standards' are Teacher Bela and Teacher Judy, who are my teachers. Teacher Latika and Teacher Nita are from the fourth standard, but are also my teachers.

My school also has a lot of activities. We play and study. We have many games like x-and-zero, SOS and others. There's one girl who said, "Let's give x-and-zero a name." So I thought of a name, and called it Ox. So we all call that name Ox.

You just have to draw two lines, and one has to put... give me a board.... I want to draw on a paper book. Okay, this way. Then we put the points for the rows. A and B are the girls, and C and D are the boys. Whoever gets the most points win.

I would like my school to have swimming, if they could, and also to some puzzles and games, and chess also.

The high school's principal name is Sister Lily, and our principal's name is Sister Esmeralda. The nuns are very kind to us.

We also have a chapel down; the middle-floor is a chapel. We are allowed to go to the chapel. We have a really good time in our school. My father and my uncle were in this school, and they had many friends. It is a girls-and-boys school.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Aren in Navtara

Aren Sept 2006
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When we went to the restaurant, some people came. Aren was making good jokes. Aren is my brother, and he is three years old. And he loves to play.

He was laughing and playing, and laughing simply at all. And he was saying 'hi' to the peoeple so many times. He was asking, "Can I have watermelon juice."

He ate a gulab jamun, and he said "Yukk". And the people next to us started laughing at him. He told the waiter, "Excuse me, can I have watermelon juice?" People started laughing at him.

In the restaurant, my father ate a thali (rice plate). My mother ate a masala dosa. I ate chole masala. My brother ate at little of the dosa. And he ate some rice and curry, and he drank some watermelon juice.

The hotel was pretty clean, there was very tasty food, and this time the food was become better. We had also gone to this restaurant the last time, when we went for the Superman movie.

We went to the shop selling sweets and cold-drink. We bought sweets like 'buddikabal' and 'pedas'. Buddikabal is means 'old man's hair' because it looks like that. It is sweet and white, and sometimes they put some almonds -- but not always. It tastes not very sweet, and a little bit sour. Children
like it because it's sweet and tasty. And there's a man in our school who sells 'buddikabaal' and he makes it very tasty.

Pedas are made out of milk, and it has some yellow food colour. And it's very tasty and sweet. It's round and circular, the size of a small marble. And it's good to eat; it makes you healthy.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The interesting animal zoo... at Byculla

One day, we went to Byculla Zoo. In the zoo, we saw one colourful bird, which looked like a cuckoo. We didn't know what it was. So, if anybody knows, please can you tell us? I also saw a lion and a lioness; but there was no tiger. I saw a sleeping bear also, and a rhinoceros. I saw some swans, and some pelicans. Not pelicans -- what are those who fish? -- cranes.

In the zoo, there were some nice statues. One was Queen Victoria, the other was King Edward. And I just forgot the others. I don't know why they kept the statues there. Ah, they kept Queen Victoria because it is called the Victoria Garden. And King Edwards.... there's no thing about him....

There was a board that I saw, where it was written the limits of Bombay. When we went inside, we saw a beautiful elephant. It was not a true one, but just made of stone.

Long long back ago, some people had made it, and it broke. These zoo people found it, and put the pieces back again, and they made it like new, and it looks so beautiful.

There was a rhino named Shiva. I'll tell you the story about him.

One day, there was a man, his wife and a child. They went to the zoo. The child kicked his slipper, and kept it on the cage. The father went to get the slipper. The rhino just bashed the fellow, and he died. That's why they now removed Shiva's horns. Finished.

Our Ganesh holiday in Bombay

In Bombay, I have a lot of friends. I went for my Grandmother's birthday to Bombay. It was on August 24, and reached Bombay on the 25th. We went by train.

We met some children on the train. The boy's name was Aditya. And the girl's name was Nandita.

Then, I saw many things. I saw trees, I saw fields, I saw tunnels and beautiful birds in the sky in the train.

When we reached Bombay, we had to go out to pickup my grandmother's two sisters, Maam and Aunta. We also found that we had some new neigbours. The big one's name was Ulrica and the small one's name was Vinona. I made friends with them.

I have some good friends called Moretta, Trinetta, Rashika. There are other children whose names are Kamakshi, Jonathan, Runali, Presley, Twaila and Lianne. I like Moretta and Trinetta, because when I was a baby, I used to go to their house to play, and they always looked after me. Even now. That's why I like them.