Friday, September 29, 2006

My father is good

My father doesn't let me play on the computer often. My father takes me for outings. My father brings some things for me when he comes from work.

Now I'm going to give not a positive comment: my father is a journalist.

My father plays with me. All fathers do that... so it's not a positive one.

My father doesn't bring me Barbie dolls. My father takes me for movies also. My father takes me to nice restaurants also... but that's not a positive one, because all fathers do that. My father also doesn't let me eat too many sweets. My father also lets me watch TV on Sundays.

My father kisses me... no, no, no. When my father is going to any foreign countries, then I cry. But all the children do that. My father is the best man in the whole world... Finally, my father makes me do blogging. And he's a photo-collector. He got many photos.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: The above entry was written after Riza was told to avoid excessive praise ... being her dad's main fan ... as is typical with girls of her age. :-)

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diabolic preacher said...

nice artwork :)

nice drawing in simpler words.