Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do mermaids really exist?

Isabel's drawing of a mermaid.

I just keep wondering all the time if mermaids and fairies, and elves and pixies really exist.

I wish I had a friend like a mermaid or a fairy. A fairy that would grant me how many wishes I wanted. And a mermaid who would always keep me company and play with me; and I would share all my feelings and thoughts with her.

She would also take me under-water, and we would play in her house.

And I wish she would also get her own legs, when she comes out of the water and comes to my house. When nobody was looking, I could go under the water, and we could both sit on rocks and comb her hair.

Me and my best friend Isabelle wish that we had a fairly friend.

If there were two of them (fairies) and we could name them whatever we wanted to. They would give us wishes. They would be tiny, dainty, and pretty-looking and very kind to us.

When I go to Isabel's house, we talk about fairies and mermaids. And we wish we could go underwater and really meet them one fine day if they really do exist.

The dhabha at Moradabad

A dhabha is a place where you sit out (in the open air) and eat parathas and stuff. Parathas are a kind of chappatis (Indian bread). You get many types of parathas -- for example, aloo parathas and gobi parathas, made of potato and cauliflower respectively.

On my trip to Delhi and nearby, we also went to Moradabad. It is a place in Uttaranchal. We were there during lunch-time, so we went to this dhabha and ate parathas and stuff.

We had a lot of fun in the dhabha, because we could out in the open air and play. Moradabad was quite nice, it was not too cold or too warm. It was just nice.

We sat on the table. There was a small boy who came to take the orders. He must have been 13 or 14, and his name was Sonu. It was so funny as he would tell us all things which were not available, and we would order them, but they were not available! So then we finally ordered parathas and daal makhani (brownish daal, with fresh butter and it tastes really nice).

My brother (5) calls it "Piggy Flue"

See full size imageMy brother thinks that Swine Flue is called "Piggy Flue". He says that you shouldn't eat pork all the time, because you'll get "piggy flue".

My brother also thinks that sausage and salami are not pork, because it comes from a factory -- well packed. Aren also thinks that every person who gets swine flue dies.

During these days, my brother had got high fever. It kept increasing and decreasing. And he was very hot, so I thought that he had swine flue! So my parents took him to the doctor, and she (Dr Lilly) said that he had very high fever and no other problem, because he had bad tonsils.

My brother could not have cold water or any cold drinks, and pineapple juice -- which he really loves. But he got well soon, and now he's alright.

I think Swine Flue spreads around because of viruses through the air, and I think that every case of Swine Flue, people don't die. So, to avoid Swine Flue, you should not have a cold, wash your hands, and be hygienic and all that rubbish.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Football Academy of Saligao

Kids football Saligao by fredericknoronha.

My grandfather (second from left) has trained some boys and girls to play football. We have matches and games. Football is a lot of fun. Specially when many children are there.

The members of the Football Academy of Saligao are: Elvis, Vishesh, Avaristo (who plays for Goa), Francisco, Abraham, Muskan, Seby, Anushka, Alister, Kevin, me, Aren and many others.

There are 20 of us in the football academy, but in the holidays nobody comes because they go for holidays (out of Goa). In the rain, we also don't play because we have to give the field back to the farmers to plant their crops.

We only play football during school days, in the evenings at 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm. I like playing football because it's a lot of fun. Sometimes I get to be the captain, and sometimes I don't.

In football, there's a goalie, a forward, etcetra.

The Secret Seven

My father had gone to Pune, and when he came back, he bought me some books.

The best book he bought me was about a mystery gang called The Secret Seven. It is written by Enid Blyton.

I like the book a lot.

The story is about six children and a dog. The children's names are Pam, Colin, Peter, Janet, etcetra. And the dog's name is Scamper.

This group, they meet up and discuss about their mysteries in a small shed where Janet and Peter live. But one day they decide that they need a better and a secret place.

So Colin has an idea, and he tells them, "We can have our meetings on a tree-house." They go to the misty woods, and try to find a proper tree, which is big enough for six of the children to fit.

Then, they find a tree, but Scamper cannot climb the tree. So, they give Scamper a small, little kennel down, and they all go up. Then they discuss what they need -- things like rope, wooden planks (for the steps), biscuits, orange-aide and lemon-aide and cushions.

So each one says what they're going to get.

But they suddenly find out that somebody else has been using their tree house....

That's how much I've read of the story.

Going back to school

My school reopens on June 6, 2009, at the start of the monsoon (rainy) season. Now I'm going to the sixth standard, VI C. There are ten standards before completing high school (Std X) in Goa. Sixth standard is in middle school.

I actually don't know where my classroom will be located, because the previous sixth standard student were only in VIA and VIB. This year we have VIC too.

I wish my class teacher is Sr Flory, or Miss Mary. Because she is very kind to me, and I like her very much. Miss Mary also is very kind.

When we go back to school, I want to meet all my friends in school. After a long holiday, we want to get together and meet each other. I am looking forward to meeting Melissia, Varuna, Rebecca and many others.

Lourdes Convent is in Saligao, and it's very close to my house. It's just a two-minute walk. I like my school very much and I'm happy to be there.