Sunday, June 21, 2009

My brother (5) calls it "Piggy Flue"

See full size imageMy brother thinks that Swine Flue is called "Piggy Flue". He says that you shouldn't eat pork all the time, because you'll get "piggy flue".

My brother also thinks that sausage and salami are not pork, because it comes from a factory -- well packed. Aren also thinks that every person who gets swine flue dies.

During these days, my brother had got high fever. It kept increasing and decreasing. And he was very hot, so I thought that he had swine flue! So my parents took him to the doctor, and she (Dr Lilly) said that he had very high fever and no other problem, because he had bad tonsils.

My brother could not have cold water or any cold drinks, and pineapple juice -- which he really loves. But he got well soon, and now he's alright.

I think Swine Flue spreads around because of viruses through the air, and I think that every case of Swine Flue, people don't die. So, to avoid Swine Flue, you should not have a cold, wash your hands, and be hygienic and all that rubbish.


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