Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aren gets wet

I was watching Tarzan on TV. It comes on Letix (we pronounce it as Jetix, but it's called Letix, I think). My brother came running up, and I found him wet. He was fully wet. His hair also.

I asked him, "Aren, how did you get wet."

He said, "My cardboard was out in the rain, so I went to pick it up. Because it was so big, I couldn't carry it and I also get wet."

I called my daddy, and he came and said, "Aren, what were you doing?" (sternly) "Go and change."

He changed his clothes, and put on dry clothes. But the cardboard-box is still wet.

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The mystery of the red numbers

My friend in school, Cheryl, told me about red numbers. That they can phone you up on your mobile, and then you get a shock, and you can die.

They say that many people have died like that, but it's not true.

I tried to call on the number, but the recorded message told me, "Please check the number you have dialled. This number is not available."

My Daddy read the newspaper for me. They say that it's not true what the people are telling.

rIn my class many children were telling me that. One boy called Alister was saying that some people gave him a call, but he didn't pick it up, because it's that number. But I don't believe him.

There's one girl called Vrkushanda told me that those people phoned a doctor, and he died some days ago. Another girl, Sneha, said it is really true. They can call on the mobile, but not on the phone.

I believe that they are talking all rubbish.

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The Harry Potter movie

On Saturday, my mother and me went for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie at Inox. It was nice. For snack time, I bought Nachos and a bottle of water to drink. My mother and me shared the Nachos and the water.

In the movie, it was about Valdermoth, who builds up an army. Harry Potter wants to fight. He takes his friends with him. Their names are Ron, Hermoine, Ginny, Neville, and there was another girl with goldish hair, whose name I don't know. She is just like Harry Potter. She lived where some creatures were.

Only the people who had seen death could see those cratures. She had seen her mother die. So she and Harry could see the creatures. Harry had also seen people dying from his family.

Then, in another part of the movie, there's a Chinese girl called Cho Cha. She told the bad principal, who threw Dumbledore out of the school and made him leave to Askerban. She was troubling all of them. Cho Cha liked her. They forced Cho Cha to tell. So Cho Cha told the secret hideout where they were practising their spells.

In the other part of the movied Hagrid had a step-brother, and that brother was a giant. A full giant. Hagrid was a half-giant.

The movie was fun. I liked it very much. I saw this movie when I was two-and-a-half...

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Aren's sticker book

Aren has different stickers in his sticker-book. I'll name all the stickers. There's a whale, a shark, a sea-walrus, a seal, a dolphin, a hammer-head shark, a hump-back whale, and others of the fish ones. There's also a princess, there's Mickey with Minnie, there's a small cutie (a small sticker of some cute teddy bears in Australia, I call those cuties), and there is a Jesus cross and a bird, and there are others.

In my sticker book, it's very full, because I started mine a long time ago. He started his some days ago. His sticker book is green with a pussycat on top, a Hello Kitty cat, you can see it on the computer. On mine is the dog. Mine is from England. My aunty brought it for me, her name is Aunty Cissy.

Aren's book is from Goa, it's from the supermarket, and Mama brought it for him. We like our stickerbooks very much. I take my stickerbook whereever I go, including to church and to school. My brother doesn't take his sticker book everywhere -- he's not so stuck with it.

I exchange stickers, including with my class-friend Gitam, with Abi, Gabi and Heidi. They are my friends.

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Aren's drawings...

Aren drew a radio. He drew a loudspeaker, and an antenna. "I like to draw a radio, birds and a train," he said. "I'll show you how to draw an engine."

"Grandpa teaches me to draw," he said. "I like to draw technical things. I want to become a rocket and a train engineer," he said. "I like to draw an eel very much."

I think he draws well. I find his drawings very cute.

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My new friend

My new friend's name is Rashila Lobo. She came to know me because she saw my blog, and wrote a comment. I went to VIII B and I saw her. I was nervous, but when I came to know her, I didn't feel nervous. I wait for her after school. She is very  sweet to me. I like her very much. Her sister's name is Veruna Lobo, and she has a smaller brother called Carlos. Her sister was with me in play-school. Her sister is in Shiksha Niketan, and she and her brother are in Lourdes Convent.

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