Sunday, February 25, 2007

We went to the Fontainhas festival

The Fontainhas festival is where art things are displayed. There also was one picture of Jesus that somebody had drawn. And there were pictures, and I thought it was a photo because it was so neat.

I saw one man using other things to play music. Once he took a pot and he was playing. Then he took a glass and was playing it (as a drum).

We met some friends of ours. The mother was related to Ashley's wife. Ashley is my daddy's work-friend. We had met him on the same day (when I bought stickers and showed him).

I saw some people dancing, and when I looked at the children most were buying red kurkures.Almost everyone. I though tlhat was funny. I think there must have been only red kurkures for sale. Kurkures are some things like chips, more like Chitos, and they're long and crunchy. Children like them very much; I don't like kurkures. I like Chitos and chips.

I saw some girls dancing. One gang was dancing with sticks, and the other was dancing with pots. The gangs dancing with sticks, one lady was singing and the rest were dancing. The gang dancing with pots, they only were singing.

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Going to Betalbatim

On February 18, 2007 was our church picnic.

We were all excited. We were going to Betalbatim. Betalbatim is near Canacona (?). We reached Betalbatim by bus. We were close to Margao. It took a long time to reach there. We reached there by lunch-time.

In the picnic there were many children: Alister, Earl, Vinella, Abigail, Gabby (not Heidi), me, Merryl, Victoria, and others.

At the picnic, after lunch, we had to sit, and by evening time we went and they took us to play, and we were playing dog-and-the-bone and passing-the-ball on the beach.

We had to bring our own food from home. They brought some watermelons. I took pulao. For snacks, I took chips and sandwidth. For evening took some more chips, but as I was hungry in the afternoon, I ate it up. They also gave us juice.

While going to Betalbatim, in the bus I was sitting near Abi, Gabby and Victoria. While coming back, I was sitting next to a girl, and Gabby and Abi were standing. There was place when we were going, because the Communion class went first. But when we were coming back there was less space.

We had a lot of fun there. We collected a lot of shells. I had a snail one, and many others. I don't know more.

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Receiving communion together

Four of my friends received communion together with me. Our party was at the club (Saligao Institute). We had a joint party.

[Abigail, Riza and Gabby, February 11, 2007. Photo FN]

I was excited when I was going to received Communion. Because I could take Communion every day and know the taste of it.

In the Church, we had to say different parts. There were some children who had to sing one song. It's called 'What Can I Give Him'. Few children who sang it were Merryl, Alvina, Alister, Earl ...

We had to prepare for the Communion for ten days, when we had to go to the Church. They taught us all about sacraments, and how to receive them.

After a few days, they gave us some readings to say. On the last day, we knew it well. We said it nicely on the last day finally.

Fr Calisto, Teacher Felicia, Teacher Marina and Teacher Massia helped us. Teachers Felicia and Massia were in our class, and Teacher Marina was in the Konkani class.

The parish priest said the Mass and and there were two fathers with him, that's Fr Fermin and another father who came to our school one day. Fr Fermin told a story during the Mass, about God and gifts. I liked the Mass. There were many people in the church. They had asked us bring a hundred rupees, and they gave us the candles. So all of us had same candles.

The ones who were holding the pictures up, were given the candles afterwards.

After that, we had gone to the party. There was one man who was playing all games. He had come to organise the games. He was playing action-games. And only one running game -- bombing the city.

There must have been 200 or 300 guests in all (for all four children). Dalton, who was receiving Communion with us, his brother's birthday was on Feb 16, so they put his birthday on the Communion day. It was also the 75th birthday of some grandparents, so we gave them gifts and had a little party for them together. We had ordered some food from some caterers. It was nice. I ate pulao, noodles and chana-masala. There also was fried-rice, custard, jelly, pork, chicken curry xacuti and something else.

[At the Mae de Deus Church, Saligao]

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

This year, we will receive Communion

I am going to receive Communion this year. Communion is the body of Jesus. When you take it, people say Jesus goes to your heart. This year, I am going to receive Jesus. My dress is white. The tailor's name is Leander, who stiched my dress. It's very fluffy inside, and comfortable.

There are other children receiving with me. Few of them are Alister, Abigail, Gabby, Darlton, another Alister, Sylvester, Elban, Keenan (yeah), Clayton, Joshua (not Keenan's brother), and few others.

We are having a joint party in The Club (Saligao Institute) at 12 o'clock. We might have a small magic show. Darton, Abigail, Gabby and me have all invited 72 people each. My daddy makes fun of us and says we're all going to have a big wedding. First he started saying that we're going to have a big party. Then he started saying we're going to have a small wedding. Then he started saying we're going to have a big wedding. {Now type.} My story's over. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

My sticker collection

People give me stickers often, and then I trade some stickers, and put the rest in my book. I'll show you my book also, with all the stickers. There are these kinds of stickers: Christmas, Tweety, Barbie, Poo-Bear, one bubble and one shell.

One pack costs ten rupees. One pack my grandmee gave me from America. Four packets my god-father brought. Otherwise, my father buys all the time... and my mother sometimes.

Stickers cost ten rupees for one pack. I buy my stickers from Mapusa market. Specially from the book shops. There's one man who sits on the ground, and he keeps all his stickers. Mostly I buy from him. But he closes in the evening... must be at 7.30 [pm].

In school, when I mind the class, I give them stickers. But I don't give them often.

I also trade with my friends calledl Abigail, Gabby and Heide.

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