Thursday, June 12, 2008

The pool party

My twin friends Shimmie and Shimron had their birthday recently. They celebrated their birthday at a hotel. They had a pool party.
The pool was four feet deep. My brother needed a float.
We were going underwater. Delilah, our friend, was doing the froggie swim.
They have a house at their hotel. After we finished swimming, we went to their house, had a bath, and ate snacks.
Then, after that, it was time to cut the cake. They had two chocolate brown cakes, with lovely roses on top. They gave everybody a small packet of pumpkin seeds to eat. The leave-home gifts were lovely soft dogs. And mice.
It was a very nice party.    
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A dog named Blackie

Blackie is our neighbour's dog. She is black-and-white in colour. They actually call her Tickoo. But we call her Blackie, because she is so black and lovley.
She always obeys what I say, and never bites us.
She always guards the house. She is a very loving dog.
Right now, she has gone and is smelling our kitchen table.
My brother sits on her back, and she takes him for a ride when she is in a good mood.
Otherwise, she just walks away, and he falls down.
Her owner's name is Prema. But she comes to our house, and we also give her food and look after her.
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Going back to school

Lourdes Convent

It started in the rainy season when I came back to school. My school started on June 5 (2008). I like my new class. The division of my class is Division C.
My new teachers are the tall and pretty Miss Sanjyut, who teaches Konkani. Miss Anne, she teaches science and maths and is very kind and never shouts at us. Sir Vijay, he is our class teacher, who is always very polite. He teaches us EVS (environmental studies). Sr Flory, she teaches us English very well and she is very pretty. Another sister teaches us craft very well (Pranita told me), but she has not yet started teaching us. Sr Lily is our new headmistress, and is very pretty and kind to everybody. She is new to me, because now I am in the fifth standard, which is in the secondary school. Till now, I used to be in primary school.
My class is located close to the sand-pit, and near the big playgrounds. Our class is in the front of the school.
In my class I made many new friends. Their names are Chelsey, Mellisia, Lianna, Rashmita, Pranita (Eeram). There are also new children like Jonathan and Brendan. Most of them come from Babyland, a school in Calangute. They don't have a secondary section, so they come from our school.
In Division A (students taking Marathi), my friend Abigail and her friend Varuna and Rebacca have come to our school, from Shiksha Niketan. Shiksha Niketan is a school in Sangolda, a village next to ours, and children have also come in from other schools.
In the holidays, I went to Bombay, and I also went for a 12-day Konkani summer camp at the Thomas Stevens Konknni Kendr. And now, I'm going to start going, on Fridays, for a Portuguese training camp. My grandmother died in the holidays, so I couldn't get to be with her. I miss her very much, but I will always remember the good things that she has done for me.
In my holidays, I got a little bored after some time, so I'm happy to be back in school. I miss my primary teachers a lot, and I think kof them every day. I miss my favourite teacher, Teacher Bella, and my other favourite teacher, Teacher Sybil, who left the school. I miss Teaching Neeta, Teacher Savia, Teacher Latika and Teacher Rosy, Teacher Pratima and Teacher Aarti, Sister Esmeralda (she used to be very kind to me) and all those who taught us in the primary.
I also miss Aunty, a lady who used to work for the school and keep it clean. But I don't know her name. She still works in the primary section.
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