Thursday, June 22, 2006

Goa's 11 talukas

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Canacona is one of Goa's 11 talukas. It has a beach, and here's a beach of which I've put the photo. I couldn't put the pictures of the other talukas, because I didn't have all of them. This was the best one. My daddy had it in his photo collection. He took a photo of Canacona beach and he kept it in his computer.

Some of these photos are only mine -- the ones with me in -- but most of them are my Dada's.

Canacona is a very nice place, because the beaches are beutiful. Canacona has quite a lot of greenery, hills and grass.

I'll tell you a story about Canacona. One day, my mother and father decided to go for a sleep-over at the beach. My mama said it was not a very good idea, because my baby brother was in her stomach. But I cried to go, and we went. When we nearly reached the beach, we stopped our car. It was 7 o'clock and not very dark. But when we stopped our car, my mother asked my father, "Let's lock the car." So my mother asked my father for the keys to lock the car. He said, "I don't have them." By mistake the keys were locked in the car!

My mummy and daddy tried a lot. Some people came to help us. They took a wire and took out the window pane of the car, and took out the keys. Then we went and stayed with them. They had a restaurant place.

The next day it was morning. We saw the poor children playing with one bucket and a spade. All of them had to take turns. So we felt sorry for them. My father told me I could give them my beach set. At first I didn't agree. Afterwards, my father told me "Don't worry. You give it to them. I'll buy you a new beach set." So I listened and gave it.

Goa also has 10 other talukas. The names are Bardez, Pernem, Tiswadi, Sattari, Bicholim, Ponda, Kepem, Salcete, Sanguem and Bicholim.

I live in Bardez. There's a school very close to our house -- it's just one house and then the school -- so it's very easy to go. Bardez has a lots of fields. There are beaches in Bardez. The beach we go to most of the time is Calangute. Sometimes we go to Baga. Mapusa is in Bardez, I love to go Mapusa to do shopping.

My daddy takes me there to buy my school uniform material. Sometimes, if I want to buy rings and bracelets or my EVS pustaks [environmental studies book], I go to Mapusa. Sometimes I also go there to buy new school-shoes. Many people are there in Mapusa. The people in Mapusa have a lot of shops, so I like to go there. So I like to go there with my father and my mother. YES! And my little brother, Aren, cucuk-koo...

Goa's beautiful sceneries

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Goa is a very beautiful place. I think it's so beautiful because in most of Goa, in front of people's houses there are fields and sceneries. In Bombay, when I see the people's houses, all buildings are blocking their way. They cannot even see a school or a field.

In Bombay, the beaches are very far. You cannot go and sit nicely and have a good time. It's very far from your home. There are not that many people. In Goa there are so many nice children on the beach that you can make friends with.

In Goa, I like the parks, the beaches and the swimming pools the best. If I had one wish, I wish that Goa would have snow. Because I love to take snowballs and throw on my friends. But I also like Goa how it is.

If I had a second wish, I would wish that there were more fields and more swimming pools. We have many beaches in Goa, but not many swimming pools. In Bombay, there are many swimming pools. But Goa's still better, because it's beautiful and clean.

Monday, June 19, 2006

My little kitten

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I had four kittens, one was a mother. Two were girls, and one was a boy-kitten. We had too many kittens, and so we sold one.

My three cats were Tigger, Spotty and Whitey. In the picture is my cat, and her name is Spotty. She's a very playful kitten and I used to like her very much. If you want to play with your kittens nicely, you should have a nice, fat rope.

You should turn it in different directions and shake it. When they bite it in their mouth, means they want to play more. You should pet them also and feed them, and then they'll like you more.

If you trouble them and chase them, they won't like it. I know that because we used to chase Spotty's brother and trouble him, and he ran away and didn't like us. We used to be nice with Spotty, and she stayed with us for many years. But now, she ran away too. We hope we can find her again.

Cats are my favourite pets.

Voddekara, canoe song

Shy? Showy?
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This is a photo of me when, in the evening, I had gone to my school. I had taken part in a dance, and it was a very nice dance called 'Voddekara'. Sometimes my brother tries to dance it at home.

Should I sing the song for you? "Voddekara, voddekara..." No I don't know to sing it. I'm not going to do it, because I'm feeling shy.

Others who took part were Nishigandha, Theresa, Subhrata, Dipti ... among the boys were Eric, Mutthu, Aishwarya (a girl who took part as a boy), and others.

Teacher Savia and Teacher Sybil taught us the dance. They put a cassette-player on, and Teacher Savia was showing us the stops. We learnt it quite fast, in a few days, and the concert was after many days.

I like to dance, because that dance was fun and because the cassette player was playing quite nicely, and also the teachers were teaching us well. We felt we could do it well and all.