Monday, June 19, 2006

Voddekara, canoe song

Shy? Showy?
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This is a photo of me when, in the evening, I had gone to my school. I had taken part in a dance, and it was a very nice dance called 'Voddekara'. Sometimes my brother tries to dance it at home.

Should I sing the song for you? "Voddekara, voddekara..." No I don't know to sing it. I'm not going to do it, because I'm feeling shy.

Others who took part were Nishigandha, Theresa, Subhrata, Dipti ... among the boys were Eric, Mutthu, Aishwarya (a girl who took part as a boy), and others.

Teacher Savia and Teacher Sybil taught us the dance. They put a cassette-player on, and Teacher Savia was showing us the stops. We learnt it quite fast, in a few days, and the concert was after many days.

I like to dance, because that dance was fun and because the cassette player was playing quite nicely, and also the teachers were teaching us well. We felt we could do it well and all.

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