Monday, June 19, 2006

My little kitten

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I had four kittens, one was a mother. Two were girls, and one was a boy-kitten. We had too many kittens, and so we sold one.

My three cats were Tigger, Spotty and Whitey. In the picture is my cat, and her name is Spotty. She's a very playful kitten and I used to like her very much. If you want to play with your kittens nicely, you should have a nice, fat rope.

You should turn it in different directions and shake it. When they bite it in their mouth, means they want to play more. You should pet them also and feed them, and then they'll like you more.

If you trouble them and chase them, they won't like it. I know that because we used to chase Spotty's brother and trouble him, and he ran away and didn't like us. We used to be nice with Spotty, and she stayed with us for many years. But now, she ran away too. We hope we can find her again.

Cats are my favourite pets.

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