Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meeting my friends after 21 days

On November 22 [2010], my school reopened and I was really happy to see my friends. Everyone kept asking everyone else how their holidays had been, and how they all had been keeping.

We got to see some of our exam papers. On November 23, which was yesterday, we got a new Maths teacher. Her name is Vanessa D'Souza, and she's really sweet and kind. She explains everything so well -- each and every word actually.

On November 22, they told us that we are going to have a school picnic on November 27. We are to go to Bondla, a wildlife sanctuary about 70 kms from here. I already know that our picnic was to be at a wildlife sanctuary, because on our tour, a teacher asked Alphina to ask her father for some ideas of a good picnic spot, and he works in the Goa Forest Department.

A concert at Emerald Lawns

Just nine months ago, I jointed the Taught to Teach, which is a music school. It has three different branches, all in Goa -- in Mapusa, Porvorim and Bicholim.

Every year they have this concert at Emerald Lawns, a place where parties and weddings are held in Parra.

This year, we had a concert, and they placed me in a song. Its name is "Puun tuh mozo daddy" (based on the Konkani version of But You Love Me Daddy). We had to play in the band, so we couldn't look at papers or notes. We had to by-heart the song. At first, I thought it would be hard because I didn't know the words of the song in Konkani.

But my guitar teacher Gordon D'Souza told me that I only had to by-heart the first verse and the chorus. So that's what I did, and it got quite easy. (And my brother keeps on saying, "But Heidi's mike was not put on." Heidi was really angry about her mike not being put on.)

The concert was really nice. There were at least 40 items. It started at 5 pm and ended at 10 pm. I had school the next day. Of all the times, I liked a song called Holiday. My guitar teacher played it. It was basically Rock, and really cool.

I also liked another song played by a group of boys -- 11, 12 or 13 years old -- and all were playing on drums. They had separated the whole drum set, and were making different noises. The audience really liked that the best.

In my song, there was one drummer, three guitarists (I was the rhythm), three keyboards and two singers. One was the daddy and the other, the son. Not in real-life, just in the song.

HP is finally here...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.jpg

On November 19, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released in Goa. Me and my friends went to Inox and watched the movie. It was really awesome. Two parts were 3-d (three dimension). One was when a snake came shooting out of the screen, and another was an evil teacher, who was Draco Malfoy's father, was flying on a broom and it crashed.

This is the plot of the story from the Wikipedia:
Throughout the six previous novels in the Harry Potter series, the main character, Harry Potter, has struggled with the inherent difficulties of adolescence along with being a famous wizard. When Harry was a baby, Lord Voldemort, a powerful evil wizard, murdered Harry's parents but mysteriously vanished after attempting to kill Harry. This results in Harry's immediate fame, and his being placed in the care of his muggle, or non-magical, relatives Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yippie, the IFFI is come finally

The IFFI is the International Film Festival of India.

My parents are journalists and have a journalism pass, so they can bring other people in with her. We (me and my little brother) are not allowed to watch any movies, because they are only for eighteen-and-above. But we get to see a lot of actors and actresses.

There's a band over there too.

Last year, we met Sunil Shetty, and I even got his autograph.

IFFI is always conducted in the month of November. It is only there for ten days.

The festival of lights in India

On November 5, we celebrated Diwali.

Diwali is known as the festival of lights.
Diwali (also spelled Devali in certain regions) or Deepavali,[1] popularly known as the "festival of lights", is an important five-day festival in Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism, occurring between mid-October and mid-November. For Hindus, Diwali is the most important festival of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes. Deepavali is an official holiday in India,[2] Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore, and Fiji.
Children in our village make Narkasurs (monsters or evil creatures). They burn it on Diwali. Burning Narkasurs symbolises the destruction of evil.

In the village where I stay (Saligao), every Hindu house is lit up so beautifully. They hang akash divos (lanterns) and they also keep pontis (small clay lamps) and put rangoli designs all over the floor. Rangoli is a particular type of colour, which is used to decorate floors and make designs.

My school tour

Every year my school conducts an educational tour. We go to different places.

This is the second tour I'm going for with my school, since the fifth standard.

Last year, the tour was cancelled because of swine flu.

When I was in Standard V, we went to Bangalore, Chennai, Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram. Bangalore is a big city, where you can get lost. Chennai is a really big city according to me, and it's really dusty and there is a lot of garbage around.

Pondicherry is a really, really lovely place -- with so many things to see. For instance, Auroville (it has a huge golden dome structure, and at one time 3000 people can fit). Pondicherry has many beaches, like Goa, so I felt so nice.

Mahabalipuram has a lot of temples and statues and stuff.

As I said, when I was in the sixth standard, the tour was cancelled because of swine flu. This year I'm in the seventh standard (grade), and we have just arrived five days back from our tour.

This year we went to Agra, Delhi, Nainital and Corbette National Park.

I really, really, really liked Nainital. It was beautiful. The weather there was nice; it was really cold. We had a campfire and a party on the terrace of our hotel.

On the tour, we basically did sight-seeing, experiencing new things, and SHOPPING. Last year we learnt not to have a big attitude, and this year we learnt responsibility. We learn it from the bigger children, by their mistakes.

One girl lost five thousand rupees....

We also learn how to make new friends. A lot of new friends. And that was the best part of all....

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bumper cars

During the Diwali holidays I went for the school tour. We went to Delhi, Agra, Nainital and Nainital we went to the hill top view by cable car, there was a fun park in that place.

They had all types of entertaining games.... like the bouncy slide, dragon ride, BUMPER CARS and lots more.... I chose to go on a bumper car it was alot of fun,mainly because all of my friends were playing..and what fun we had bumping into each other....

Luiza was bumping into Abednego and I was bumping into Jeshua.... Bumper car is the generic name for all types of flat ride cars..

Friday, October 01, 2010


Roller-blading is a good sport. For it, you need a big ground so that you can skate. Roller-blading is basically just like skating. Except on skates there are two wheels on one side, and two more on the other.

But in roller-blades, they are all in one line, at the centre.

When I started skating, I thought i was really easy. But it turned out to be really hard. But when I started roller-blading, it seemed like it was very hard, but it was like so easy.

Mostly people say that when you skate it's more easier than roller-blading, but I think they're all wrong.

Maybe it looks scary because all the wheels are in a straight line in the middle -- and your grip depends on it. But I think it's really easy.

Near my house, my school is just one house away, so my school has a really huge ground. It has a volleyball court, a nice terrace and a stage, and a basketball court. So I roller-blade on the stage or sometimes on the volleyball court when it's free. And sometimes I rollerblade in my house; we have a longish room and the floor is really smooth, so it's fun rollerblading there. Me and my brother rollerblade too.

My roller-blades are black-and-white and my brother's are light-blue-and-dark-blue.

There are at least two persons who always agree with me, that roller-blading is much more easier than skating. They are: Abigail (one of my best friend) and Aren my brother.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Twilight is a movie about vampires and it's about this girl who moves to live with her father in this cold, hilly area. Her name is Bella Swan, and her father is a policeman.

She makes all new friends and stuff. Then, there's this vampire crowd called the Cullen Family. In it, there's Mr Cullen, Mrs Cullen, Alice, Gasper, Rosalie, Emith, Edward, and that's it.

The movie is really cool, so if you want, go and watch it. It comes on TV -- Star Movies.

I like vampire creatures, but they're also cold-blooded, so I wouldn't like it if I was a vampire. I don't really believe in vampires, but just like watching the movies because it's fine. I'll just keep it at that, otherwise you won't want to watch the movie or read the book.

Volleyball match... it's tomorrow

Tomorrow (Oct 1, 2010, Friday) is my volleyball match, and I'm really excited because it's my first match and I just started playing volleyball about two months.

In our schools, we have different categories and levels for volleyball teams. We have Boys Under 17, Girls Under 17, Boys Under 14, and Girls Under 14.

I come under the Girls Under 14. In my team, there's Amber, Liesha, Joanne, Kimberly, Melissia, Perpetua, Zephora, Sandra, Whitney. That's it.

I think Amber and Liesha really play well. Amber's a good lifter, and she smashes and fingers well. I think Liesha is really good in taking under-hand, and in serving.

Tomorrow we are going to play at the Peddem Ground, it's in Mapusa.

Our match starts at 9 am, but we need to leave at eight.

Now let me tell you about the other teams and what they've done.

The Under-17 Boys got the first place. I know some of the players -- Leander, Avito, Kevin, Evynce, etcetera.

The Under-17 Girls also won the second plays (at the taluka level). And they are Kezia, Ankita, Zena, etcetera. The Under-14 Boys only won in the first round, but they didn't succeed. But that's okay because everone knows they tried their best.

But tomorrow's our match. And no matters what happens, I think we need to be a team, and work together, and that we all do our best ... specially when we have to serve. The most hardest part is rotating, because then we have to take the lifter's part sometimes (and it's really hard, because you have to come really close to the net).

If we lose, I don't really, really care, because at least we got into the match, and we were chosen out of so many people. We should just try our best as a team, and have a sporting spirit... by being good sports. (My father say that if we lose, we will manage to come home early, and so we won't have any trouble for lunch!)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul 2

Recently, I started reading this new book called Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul 2

I find it a very good book, because it tells me about different children, and what has happened in their life, and they're from different places around the world. So it's really fun to know what happens in their country, their place and their surrounding.

Day-before yesterday I read about a guilty conscience. There was this kid, who went to the supermarket with his father. His father needed to buy the house supplies. And, this kid saw these lovely toys in the toy-rack. There were cool cards too. He wanted them; but his father said they were rather too expensive.

So, when his father walked out of the shop, he stole the cards and put them in his pocket. Then, he got a bad tummy ache when he reached home; he didn't get sleep in the night. In the (next) morning, he had to tell his mother, so he went and told her. His mother said, "I'm so glad you told the truth." She took him to the shop, and they paid it to the shop-keeper, and they told the shopkeeper everything. She said he was always welcome to come back.

So I thought it was really nice and interesting, and how this boy had the guts to go to the shopkeeper, tell her what he had done wrong, and what he had really done. So I really liked it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Volleyball, at LCHS


As you all know LCHS is my is fun..and now I have started going for volleyball classes.

I go every evening on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. My friends told me to start coming for volleyball and they said it was a lot of fun so I started going.

They were right it was really a lot of fun. There is a coach and she teaches us.

We learn how to finger the ball, serve etc...

Broken guitar string

Hey everybody, I started playing (learning) the guitar six months ago. This is my seventh month at it.

I have a teacher from Taught-to-Teach (a music school that has different branches -- Mapusa, Porvorim and Bicholim -- and the man who runs it teaches all the teaches, and they teach the students by visiting their homes, or you can go for classes over there).

It's a lot of fun learning the guitar, but you also have to practise a lot, which is very annoying. When you just start,your hands pain a lot, but then, you have to think about one day when you can play the guitar so well... and then you won't even care why your hands used to pain.

Now my hands don't pain as much as they used to pain....

I learn the box guitar -- it's also known as the acoustic guitar. I learnt many chords and notes (D, C, E, A, B, and F). My guitar classes are on every Wednesday, and I have enough to practise the whole week.

So, when I was practising one day, my brother came and untuned my guitar. And I tried tuning it back, but I didn't get the exact tunes, so I left it. And on Wednesday, my guitar teacher tried to fix it, but one of my guitar string had been tightened too much, so it just snapped.

And now I'm trying to fix it....

Going for a tiatr

On September 15, my mom, her friend and me went for a tiatr. A tiatr is a funny play which has a story and a moral. Tiatrs are basically shown on a family, and people working very hard, and people wasting money. Tiatrs are a lot of fun to watch, and when there are tiatrs the hall is full.

are always in Konkani.

The story of the tiatr I went for was on a family which had two sons, and they had got married, and their father had saved a lot of money (it had come up to 30 lakh of rupees). The father wanted to give the money to the sons, but the mother wanted to give it to the daughters-in-law. The mother was generous, and finally the daughters-in-law started acting all mean, they got an airconditioner in their room, the bill was going high, and they would not pay for their bill. The lights were cut off by the Electricity Department. So they had to go to hotels. They were willing to pay for the hotels but not for the electricity bill which cost Rs 2000. The daughters-in-law also kept watching television the whole day.

And there was this guy called Shantu, and he was in love with this girl. And he told her he could read palms, and offered to read palms. And he said, there's someone who loves you and he's one of your neighbours, he's single and has a very old father. And she thought there was another guy, so Shantu was very sad.... This tiatr will be shown again at the Kala Academy; I don't know when.

[We mostly go to the Kala Academy to watch tiatrs. Kala Academy is a place run by the government, and they promote music over there, and Goan culture. The music is based on cultural music, Western and Indian music. When we come close to Christmas, they also have Carols conducted, and traditional dances like Bharatnatyam, etc. They also conduct the mando festival over there, and some films from the IFFI film festival are also shown there.]

The tiatr is a lot of fun, specially when the acting part is going on, because then they have all jokes and stuff. But when they're singing, it's really boring. I'm looking forward to going to a tiatr again. My mom will take me, because she is making a short film and that's it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

the talent fiesta at my school..!!!

The talent fiesta is something my school organises every year,it is held every year before the Ganesh chaturthi holidays,it is where every student in the whole school shows their own talent.There are many activities held there,the activities are divided into two groups performing activities and creative activities,From them each student is allowed to choose two activities,two creative activities and one performing activity.for performing i took group dance and for creative I took candle decoration and collage,it was fun fun because the activities were fun and because we dident have school for two thats the end of my blog entry and I hope u have all enjoyed it,and if u have any questions to ask me feel free and put them on my comment bye 4 now..!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its just so Confusing...!!

Its just so hard to make up my own mind about what to become in life...Its hard because u have to make the right one.And there are so many cool things u could 1st std they asked, what do u want to be??and i would say a princess or a mermaid,in 2nd they would ask the same question,and i would say a dancer or a singer,in 3rd they would ask the same question,and I would say a teacher or doctor,in 4th the same question would come up and I would come up with a different answer and this went on.So till now I don't really know what I really want to be,but I am thinking of marine biologist or a lifestyle journalist..and I hope it stays that way...

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hey everybody..i am back in school and i am in the 7th standerd now..I go to lourdes convent high school as u all know.And guess what,Lately my school has been condocting many activities...and soon the school will be having something called the talent fiesta..and we can take part in any 3 activites,And i am taking part in collage,candal decoration and group dance..and what fun it will be.......

It is condocted every year in august or september and this year it is in september on the 7th and 8th...AND REMEMBER IF U HAVE ANY IDEAS PLEASE SHARE THEM WITH ME...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


On Monday i went for the movie twilight saga eclips.It was nice,it was all about vampires and werewolf.It was the 3rd movie of the series,there are 2 movies released,and the 3rd has just come out.The 4th will be re;eased soon,and i cant wait for it...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

When will school reopen?????????

I can't wait for school to reopen cause I miss my friends a lot. I don't like the times we get punished or the times we have to do a a lot of home work, but the best times are when we work together as a team and get called the best class and when the teachers say, "I am proud and happy to teach this good class."

My own poem called Whatif

whatif i was a toy,
whatif i get sick and die,
whatif i start a school,
whatif i broke the swimming pool,
whatif i wore two pig-tails to shcool,
whatif nobody liked me,
whatif my friends forgot me.

The amazing adventures of Harry Potter

Harry Potter is written by J. K. Rowling. It is a vast series of books for kids and adults alike. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is the first Harry Potter novel.

Featuring Harry Potter a young wizard. It decribes how Harry Potter discovers he is a wizard, makes close friends and a few enemies at Hogwats school of witchcraft and wizadry, and with the help of his friends thwarts an attempted comback by the evil wizard Voldemort who killed Harry's parents and tried to kill Harry when he was one year old.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the second instalment in the Harry Potter series. The plot follows Harry's second year at Hogwats.

There are seven Harry Potter books released and six movies; the seventh movie will come out soon.

I find is amazing because it is a lovely adventure which includes friendship, magic, being loyal to friends, recuing and all cool stuff. I got this information from the Wikipedia page on Harry Potter.

Monday, April 12, 2010

My favourite teacher

My  favourite  teacher's name is Miss Sonjode. She is realy  kind and sweet... but she  is  not  my  class  teacher. She is my  subject teacher. She teacher my Konkani.

I have many other favorate teachers to like Sr Flory, Miss Mary, Miss Dipti, Miss Judith Pereira, and Miss Judith Lobo, etc.

I go to Lourdes Convent High School and I am in the sixth standed. Next year I am going to be in the 7th.[?]

Risks on Facebook

I have joined Facebook a month ago.and I already have 77 friends. My mom doesn't mind me being on Facebook because  all  of my friends are on it and they keep talking  about it. And I would feel leftout.

So one fine day my mom said, "Okkkk, you can be on Facebook." But my father dosen't like me being on Facebook. He has already told me the risks of kids on Facebook.

But I like Facebook and I love the games and all of my family members are my friends on Fbk. My best friend Isabel is on Facebook too and so is Abigale, Varuna, Rebecca etc.

My friends are only below the eighth standard mostly except people who my parents know. And I don't mind at all. I am just so happy to be on Fbk.

The summer camp (at Don Bosco's)

I am going for a summer camp to Don Bosco's High School. I will go with my friends, and we will take cooking, dancing and film-making classes. Me, Abigale, Gabriella, Delilah and my little brother (Aren).

My brother will take Taekwando and Skating and we will h ave a lot of fun. When we have a break, we will read books and play for the rest of the holidays. I will go to the pool. I will also go shoping, and to my friends' house to play.

My best author: Meg Cabot

My best author's name is Meg Cabot, and I read on the Net that she is the first New York Times bestselling author of over twenty-five series and books for both adults and tweens/teens, selling over fifteen million copies worldwide.

Her Princess Diaries series, which is currently being published in over 38 countries, was made into two hit movies by Disney. Meg Cabot has also written the Mediator and the 1-800-Where-R-you series, Missing, All American Girl, Teen Idol, Avalon High, How To Be Popular, Pants on Fire, Jinx, Queen of Babble and many more interesting series.

Meg Cabot is my best author because she writes so well and makes her books so intresting, that you never stop reading them.