Monday, April 12, 2010

The summer camp (at Don Bosco's)

I am going for a summer camp to Don Bosco's High School. I will go with my friends, and we will take cooking, dancing and film-making classes. Me, Abigale, Gabriella, Delilah and my little brother (Aren).

My brother will take Taekwando and Skating and we will h ave a lot of fun. When we have a break, we will read books and play for the rest of the holidays. I will go to the pool. I will also go shoping, and to my friends' house to play.


CMP Calcutta said...

This is the first time I see a 7 year old blogger.
Have a wonderful time Riza...
I enjoyed my visits to Panjim DB.
Give my regards to the fathers and brothers at the camp.
Fr C. M. Paul, now in Rome.

riza said...

thank you.and i will tell the you said hello.and give them ur regards.