Sunday, July 16, 2006

At the concert...

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This is a photo of my concert. We were acting about 'The Sleeping Beauty'. I'll tell you all my friends who were acting in it. The reader of the book was Eric (orange tee-shirt) who read the book. Alister (not in photo) was the king. Zinia (in purple dress, partly hidden) was the queen. Shivona (in green) was the princess. Royston (in red) was the soldier. Seejoy (with red bow-tie) was the prince.

Now, the ones left are only the fairies. I was a fairy with a green dress. You can see me behind the princess (second from right). Sarita is the fairy in the white dress (first from left). Velanie was also a fairy (second from left, front row). Alisha (at the very end, partly hidden) was also a fairy. Sandra (next to Zinia) was the witch.

It was very nice. It was the first time that we acted in an English play.

At a cycle ride... an accident

Last Friday, my father said, let's go for a cycle ride. So we went.

Suddenly, near Gladston's house, a little further, my leg went into the cycle wheel, and I started howling. Gabriella and Indra came running to help us. Uncle Eric was going with his wife and his little son Ashwin, and they told us to remove the shoe.

Gabriella and Indira quickly brought some ice for us. They brought it from somebody's house. Aren was crying also, because he saw me howling. My dada was helping me.

The accident was caused because I put my leg in the wheel. Next time, I will not do that and learn to be much more careful. I was afraid of my leg and how I was going to act in the concert on the next day. But everything was fine, except that my leg is still wounded and a bit swollen. My parents put Betadine ointment for my swollen leg. I limp everytime when I like, like this. Tu-tuuk-tuk. Tu-tuuk-tuk. I think I'll have to go to the doctor tomorrow.

Banshi... not liked, but loved

My dog's name was Banshi. First she never used to like me and was a very hot-tempered dog. But slowly she got used to me and started liking me and my brother and all. But by the time she got used to us, she was bitten by two dogs in the fields and was chased back how. For a few days she lasted and then died. That's the end of my dog.

My dog was also very old. She was 15 or 14 years old. I felt very sad when she died, because she was my loving dog. I wanted to make a glass coffin and keep her lying in our house. But my grandfather buried her in the backyard, so I get scared to go there.

No I don't believe (in dog ghosts), but am a little bit scared in the night when I sleep near the bedroom window.

I remember when my uncle and aunty used to come, she used to like it when they used to bring chicken. She used to start wagging her tail, and make 'Uh, uh, uh, uh!' When my mother used to come down, and give her chicken in a plate, she used to be so happy.

She was a very hot-tempered dog and bit many children like Deepa, Simron, Aren and Karla. She never bit me, because she was loving to me. I troubled her but. Yes, she did growl. I didn't like her, but I loved her.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Superman... and me

Yesterday, on Sunday I went for SUPERMAN RETURNS. My friend Isabel and me had gone for the show. Superman's name was Clark, and there was one girl named Floris, no Luis (Lois Lane). Superman was born in a country called ... wait... just phone up Mama to ask her.

He was living in a country, it starts with "G", I don't know... (Krypton).

I saw one man. He simply put a wig to show that he was a nice man; but when we went out of the room, he threw out the wig on a small girl, and she screemed, 'Eh!'. That man went, and superman's father was dead. He went to that cave where Superman's father was in a white stone, and his father was talking to the white stone. His father saw the bad man, so Superman's real father opened that thing, and this Bad Man took out all the crystals. Superman's powers were crystals. But Superman still had little powers let. They were still very powerful powers. These were underground.

That man took those green jewels-like and he took them, and Superman didn't have any powers. Superman flew back. ALl his powers were gone. They destroyed Superman and kicked him. He had to be taken to the hospital. When Lois went to see him, they saw him lying there. Lois' son kissed superman, then they sat in the car and went home. When Lois' son was sleeping, Superman saw him. Then the son said bye. Lois saw superman, and they all went inside the house.

The film was quite enjoying and all....

In my next blog I'll tell you about my new tuition teacher. Her name is Ruth; she teaches well, and I like her very much. Now I'm going off, because i have to go upstairs and my new tuition teacher is coming to teach me. I also learn music, and that's the piano instrument.