Sunday, July 16, 2006

At the concert...

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This is a photo of my concert. We were acting about 'The Sleeping Beauty'. I'll tell you all my friends who were acting in it. The reader of the book was Eric (orange tee-shirt) who read the book. Alister (not in photo) was the king. Zinia (in purple dress, partly hidden) was the queen. Shivona (in green) was the princess. Royston (in red) was the soldier. Seejoy (with red bow-tie) was the prince.

Now, the ones left are only the fairies. I was a fairy with a green dress. You can see me behind the princess (second from right). Sarita is the fairy in the white dress (first from left). Velanie was also a fairy (second from left, front row). Alisha (at the very end, partly hidden) was also a fairy. Sandra (next to Zinia) was the witch.

It was very nice. It was the first time that we acted in an English play.

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