Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Disney princesses


There are some dolls called Disney Princesses. The Americans made them. There are eight of them. Their names are Aeriel, Pocohauntes, Jasmine, Belle, Arora, Cinderella, Snow-White and Mulan.
I'll give you the information of my favourite one. Her name is Belle.
I like Belle because she has long hair and her hair is soft and pretty...

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Aren and Grandpa decided to look for my toy dog Chip. Grandpa said, "Let's go find your dog." They asked me to come in, but I was a little scared. Aren and Grandpa went, though I told Aren not to go. I had
seen something cream coloured before, but I thought that was a snake's egg, because there are many snakes in our [village] fields.

Grandpa said, "There it is." So Aren took his hand and pulled out my dog and said, "I found it."

When he gave it to me, I was very happy. I kissed him and hugged him, because he had found my dog and I like Chip very much, better than my two new dogs. I mentioned my two new dogs in my earlier blog, on November 16, 2007... so you'll find the picture there.

Aren, one day, had thrown Chip in the field, when we were cycling. I went into the field, and could not find it. My grandmother said, "Aren threw it, and Aren found it." He is also a very bad boy sometimes. Ehhe... right now he's pulling my hair and banging me.

He just now asked, "Where are we going?" So daddy replied and told him, "To sleep."

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In The Morning

It's a cheerful morning
It's happy and gay
The birds are singing
To each other
In the morning

It's nice and peaceful
The children are playing
So come and join us
Let's have some fun

["It's a song. That's why it has no rhyme."]

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Friday, November 16, 2007

My new dogs


I brought two new dogs from Walkover, a shop in Panjim (which has lovely things ... I wish that Walkover was mine and I owned it, because there are so many lovely toys in). I named them Winnie and Minnie. Winnie is dark brown and white. And Minnie is light brown and peach. I like my new dogs very much.
I had another dog before this; it was a bulldog called Chip.
My brother took it and threw it in the field one day, on October 11 (or something) ... can't be, it was after my birthday. Maybe in November. We had just finished cycling, and we were going to put our cycles away. I parked my cycle there, to have a drink of water. When I came out, I saw my brother... he just took it and threw it in the field. I was very angry and sad. I saw two lizzards in the field before that, and after that I saw five... so that's why I couldn't get it from the field. It was also very busy there, and we might be snakes.
These are not real dogs, they're just toy dogs. And my brother had a toy spider, a purple coloured one. He broke its head, and now we only have the body and don't know where the head is gone... Hehehehehe...

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My little tooth

My little tooth was not falling out. So i went to the dentist. His name is Dr Pascal [Pinto]. He took an X-ray. He said (this is a joke)  to tell Dad to take a 'kolso' (mud pot) and throw it in the well, tied to my tooth.
Dentists actually hurt people, but this dentist was a good person. In comics they show that dentists pull children's teeth and they (the children) scream 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh' like pigs. But that's not true. Some dentists are nice and very kind.
My earlier doctor that I used to go to was Dr Colin [Viegas]. He too was a nice doctor, and used to talk very kindly. When he finished doing the work, he used to give me a toy. That's all folks. Hahaha, blogging is fun.

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The Adventures of Tintin


Tintin is a young reporter. He solves adventures. I have two adventure movies of Tintin.

Once Tintin helped a captain by getting him out of his own ship, because the people who were working for him were betraying him. Tintin is a very nice movie and a lot of fun to watch.

'The Craw With the Gold Claws' is about this: Tintin was passing by, and there were two bad people who wanted to capture him. There were also two policemen, named Thomson and Thompson, who went into the bad people's ship, which they were inspecting. Afterwards, they came out of the ship. They asked where was Tintin. One man said he had already left. They were surprised that Tintin left without them. At the end, there was a guy selling some liquors to somebody else. Tintin wanted to find out. When the captain was rescued by Tintin, they cancelled that name and put some other name on the ship. That's how Tintin recognised the ship.

In 'The Secret of the Unicon', there was a lovely ship to be sold. Tintin bought the ship. There were two other men who wanted to buy the ship. They asked Tintin, "Could we buy the ship." The end part is when the man in the blue, who wanted to buy the ship, killed the other guy who fainted. There were two thieves who wanted a ticket in the ship. And at the end, that man would not tell him, so they shooted him. Tintin went inside and caught the thieves. The captain and Tintin saved the three tickets.

{So much I wrote, when I didn't know anything?}

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

At Babaji's

When we reached the restaurant, I saw a girl who was a little bit younger than me. Her name was Ayesha. She had something small in her hands. It was maroon in colour.

I asked her what it was. She replied and said, that that was a game-boy.

She had lot of games to play with it. I also asked her which was her favourite toy; she said the game-boy itself was her favourite toy.

Then, I took out my puzzles and I asked her, which one did she want to choose: Tinker-belle or Pooh-Bear. She took Tinker-belle.

We decided to have a Frankie to eat. The Frankie is a roti outside with chicken in.

I had gone with my father to Mapusa to this restaurant, because my father had a meeting there. In the meeting, there was Aunty Hazel, Uncle Cecil, Aunty Yma, Aunty Arlette, Uncle Minguel and my father.

We played with the puzzle. I finished the puzzle before her (Ayesha). She also told me that she was not very good in puzzles... but actually she was. When I was small also, I also was not very good in puzzles; now I'm okay... not that good.

Meeting up at Babaji's: SMC team

We played a lot, and when it was time to go we were very sad, because we wanted to play more. We also played with our parents' mobiles. Ayesha liked my father's mobile.... that's all.

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Games and fun

Riza's ninth birthday party, Oct 2007, Goa

[Above, Shimron (with tongue out) and Shimmi.]

On my birthday (October 16), we had four games to play. The names are Simple Simon Says, Musical Chairs, Bombing The City and Passing the Parcel. We had lots of fun.

Twenty-one children had come. Isabel, Abigail, Shimron, Shimmy, and Gabby and others.

The snacks were croquets, French fries, cocktail sausages, popcorn, and cake. My cake was in the shape of a rectangle. It was a Black Forest cake.

My mother helped to make my birthday, and my grandmother, so did Mangal. And my brother and me. And my father also. My grandfather also helped so much.

Riza's ninth birthday party, Oct 2007, Goa

[All my friends, near the swing. The girl who's climbing is Saatchi, and Isable is in the black tee-shirt.]

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