Tuesday, November 06, 2007

At Babaji's

When we reached the restaurant, I saw a girl who was a little bit younger than me. Her name was Ayesha. She had something small in her hands. It was maroon in colour.

I asked her what it was. She replied and said, that that was a game-boy.

She had lot of games to play with it. I also asked her which was her favourite toy; she said the game-boy itself was her favourite toy.

Then, I took out my puzzles and I asked her, which one did she want to choose: Tinker-belle or Pooh-Bear. She took Tinker-belle.

We decided to have a Frankie to eat. The Frankie is a roti outside with chicken in.

I had gone with my father to Mapusa to this restaurant, because my father had a meeting there. In the meeting, there was Aunty Hazel, Uncle Cecil, Aunty Yma, Aunty Arlette, Uncle Minguel and my father.

We played with the puzzle. I finished the puzzle before her (Ayesha). She also told me that she was not very good in puzzles... but actually she was. When I was small also, I also was not very good in puzzles; now I'm okay... not that good.

Meeting up at Babaji's: SMC team

We played a lot, and when it was time to go we were very sad, because we wanted to play more. We also played with our parents' mobiles. Ayesha liked my father's mobile.... that's all.

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