Friday, November 16, 2007

The Adventures of Tintin


Tintin is a young reporter. He solves adventures. I have two adventure movies of Tintin.

Once Tintin helped a captain by getting him out of his own ship, because the people who were working for him were betraying him. Tintin is a very nice movie and a lot of fun to watch.

'The Craw With the Gold Claws' is about this: Tintin was passing by, and there were two bad people who wanted to capture him. There were also two policemen, named Thomson and Thompson, who went into the bad people's ship, which they were inspecting. Afterwards, they came out of the ship. They asked where was Tintin. One man said he had already left. They were surprised that Tintin left without them. At the end, there was a guy selling some liquors to somebody else. Tintin wanted to find out. When the captain was rescued by Tintin, they cancelled that name and put some other name on the ship. That's how Tintin recognised the ship.

In 'The Secret of the Unicon', there was a lovely ship to be sold. Tintin bought the ship. There were two other men who wanted to buy the ship. They asked Tintin, "Could we buy the ship." The end part is when the man in the blue, who wanted to buy the ship, killed the other guy who fainted. There were two thieves who wanted a ticket in the ship. And at the end, that man would not tell him, so they shooted him. Tintin went inside and caught the thieves. The captain and Tintin saved the three tickets.

{So much I wrote, when I didn't know anything?}

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