Friday, April 14, 2006

Funny and cute

My brother Aren's words are very funny and cute. When I give him something, he says, 'Tank You'. When somebody doesn't give him something he wants, he says, "Stupid donkey."

When my Dada brings his favourite food biryani, he calls it 'bil-yani' and jumps in the air. He sees the cartoon named Sabrina, where they say "Yes" (with their hands out), so he tries to say the same when he's happy.

He says for his bus, "Volvo bus". It's actually a simple bus. But he likes Volvo buses quite a lot.

When somebody calls him 'Babulo', he says, "Don't call me 'Babulo', call me A-R-E-N Aren." Whenever I go to play with my friends, and he doesn't come, he cries, "Riza, Riza, don't go, come play with me." First I used to not come, but now I play with him.

When he does something naughty, he puts his tongue out and does it. When he's told to kneel in the corner, he's very happy. He goes running and kneels down, but he holds onto the chair.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Three sketches

[Below, the beautiful mushroom, the pink butterfly and the shade tree, from Riza's collection of sketches.] If you want to learn to draw properly, then first you copy from books.

Once you copy from books, you become better at it, and you can draw without looking.

If you want to make a good drawing, you've got to colour the page fully. But if it's not needed, don't colour it.

If you use felt pens, you can use them for the outline, which is good.

If you use them to colour the full page, then all the marks show behind, so you mustn't do that. My teacher told us not to use felt because all the back-page becomes all spoilt.

I'm still only learning to draw everyday.

When I'm colouring from my colouring book, I don't ask my Daddy for papers.

But whenever I'm doing drawing I ask my Daddy for two or three papers, and then I draw. He says, "Okay" and gives me, but first he says "you must write two blog enteries, then only I'll give you papers."

Mrs. Turtle

I like to draw. Drawing is lots of fun, because it's lot of fun to me. You can make cards for people birthday. My Mama also asks me to draw many drawings for her. I draw for my friends.

My favourite drawings are birds and sceneries. In school, they taught us to draw many things, but my favourite was a lotus. Rukshanda likes to draw, and Suhail too. Many other children, including Dipti, like to draw.

We use Faber Castel crayons to draw, and felt-pens for the outline. My best colour are Faber Castel, because they colour very darkly. Pencil colours, I don't like them so much because everytime the point breaks and I have to sharpen, sharpen, sharpen. Crayons colour very darkly and smoothly.

If you draw very often it's nice, because then you will know to draw well, and you can become an artist.

Mrs Turtle: I drew this at home, at around 2.30 (I don't know the date properly) during my holidays. I copied the drawing from the 'Magic Pot', a very good magazine where they tell you stories, and you got to colour, copy drawings, and colour one drawing and send it. When I was a small girl, they gave me a clay set. Earlier, they used to give Tom and Jerry puzzles. Afterwards I got a 'Magic Pot' bag.

Monday, April 10, 2006

My Konkani book

This is my first standard Konkani book. I like Konkani very much. I learn Konkani in the Devanagiri script. Devanagiri script is very easy. I'll read out the first lesson for you: "Pat Ek. Tan, tan. Tan, tan, tan. Gan, gan, gan. Chal, chal. Ta-na, tan. Gah-na, gan. Ch-le, chal. Te, ne, ge, le, cha".

I know some of you cannot understand Konkani very well, so I will transfer it in English for you: Part I. Ting, ting. Ting, ting, ting. Dong, dong, dong. Walk, walk. Tn, Gn, Cl. T, N, G, L, C."

Most of you'll have not understood much of this, so I'll translate again. This is a story of children going to school. The school-bell is ringing. All the children gather to go in their class. 'Tan' and 'gan' are the sounds of the bell. 'Chal' means walk (to school).

At the last line of each lesson are all the (new) alphabets that come up in the lesson.

At first, I was not good in Konkani. But I didn't want to give up. I tried, and now I got it. I know Konkani a little. I find it easy. But I like English better, because I talk English at home.

My favourite languages are English and Hindi. I talk Hindi in Bombay with my friends. In Bombay, the TV programmes only come in Hindi. Only some of the big people's channels come in English. So that's why I know a little of Hindi.

Tarzan, Alladin and Ariel the Little Mermaid (with Snow White, Aurora and Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, and Jungle Book sometimes) all come in Hindi. Barbie speaks Hindi. All the channels have to talk in Hindi, because it's Bombay.

When I went to Bombay and watched TV the first time, they used to talk in English (on the TV). But afterwards they changed it to Hindi. When I saw it the next time, I was surprised to see them talking in Hindi, and so I started learning Hindi.

I was very surprised about how Barbie and Tarzan (and Rainbow Girl too) speak in Hindi. Because I feel it's quite funny to see foreigners talking Hindi!

I'm going to Bombay

I am going to Bombay. In Bombay, I'm going to meet my mother's mother (Granmee) and my mother's brother (Joce). I'm going to do so many nice things in Bombay in my holidays. Playing with all my friends. And playing with my Barbie dolls. I'll take my own Barbie doll from Goa. And all my other toys which are there.

Sometimes, we might go to the swimming pool. I love to swim. Now I'm still learning to swim, and I feel it's also lots of fun.

First, I go to visit friends and cousins who are in Bombay. I have one cousin (Brendan) and many friends. I have plenty other cousins, but they are not my small cousins.

Bombay is also called Mumbai. I call it Mumbai; my brother calls it Bombay. It is quite far; I don't know how far. Mostly, I travel on train to Bombay. I sleep in the train and feel very nice; there's no noise of anything. And I get up at six or seven in the morning. When I get up, I am close to Bombay city. We get out at Bombay.

In Bombay, I also play with Grandmee and Joce. I go to Bombay for holidays, and sometimes I take leave from school for special occasions -- like weddings or funerals.

[I got a photo of Borivali from Flickr. My daddy he helped me to get the photo from Flickr. Copyleft. Copyleft means anybody in the world can copy that photo. Copyright means nobody can copy the photo, it's only yours. I think that Copyleft is better, because then you copy it and everybody gets to copy it. I feel happy when somebody else gets to copy mine. We're showing generosity and we are also showing that we're sharing. That's what I like. The photo is about all caves that are very old, two thousand years old!]

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Coco Rio

Coco Rio was my pet cock. He used to peck everybody. He used to peck my Mama, the maid, and everybody in the house. We were all fed-up of him, and so we sold him.

But after that, I felt sad. Because the garden became quiet, and there was nobody making a noise. He used to crow early in the morning and wake me up very early. But I used to go back to sleep, ah. Sometimes, when I was in a good mood, I used to get up.

One day he woke me up at 5 o'clock. The morning was all dark. So I came out and said, "Shoo, shoo". So he went away, and I went back to sleep in my bed.

I had many other hens, but we sold them all. What's the point of telling everybody?