Friday, April 14, 2006

Funny and cute

My brother Aren's words are very funny and cute. When I give him something, he says, 'Tank You'. When somebody doesn't give him something he wants, he says, "Stupid donkey."

When my Dada brings his favourite food biryani, he calls it 'bil-yani' and jumps in the air. He sees the cartoon named Sabrina, where they say "Yes" (with their hands out), so he tries to say the same when he's happy.

He says for his bus, "Volvo bus". It's actually a simple bus. But he likes Volvo buses quite a lot.

When somebody calls him 'Babulo', he says, "Don't call me 'Babulo', call me A-R-E-N Aren." Whenever I go to play with my friends, and he doesn't come, he cries, "Riza, Riza, don't go, come play with me." First I used to not come, but now I play with him.

When he does something naughty, he puts his tongue out and does it. When he's told to kneel in the corner, he's very happy. He goes running and kneels down, but he holds onto the chair.

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