Monday, April 10, 2006

My Konkani book

This is my first standard Konkani book. I like Konkani very much. I learn Konkani in the Devanagiri script. Devanagiri script is very easy. I'll read out the first lesson for you: "Pat Ek. Tan, tan. Tan, tan, tan. Gan, gan, gan. Chal, chal. Ta-na, tan. Gah-na, gan. Ch-le, chal. Te, ne, ge, le, cha".

I know some of you cannot understand Konkani very well, so I will transfer it in English for you: Part I. Ting, ting. Ting, ting, ting. Dong, dong, dong. Walk, walk. Tn, Gn, Cl. T, N, G, L, C."

Most of you'll have not understood much of this, so I'll translate again. This is a story of children going to school. The school-bell is ringing. All the children gather to go in their class. 'Tan' and 'gan' are the sounds of the bell. 'Chal' means walk (to school).

At the last line of each lesson are all the (new) alphabets that come up in the lesson.

At first, I was not good in Konkani. But I didn't want to give up. I tried, and now I got it. I know Konkani a little. I find it easy. But I like English better, because I talk English at home.

My favourite languages are English and Hindi. I talk Hindi in Bombay with my friends. In Bombay, the TV programmes only come in Hindi. Only some of the big people's channels come in English. So that's why I know a little of Hindi.

Tarzan, Alladin and Ariel the Little Mermaid (with Snow White, Aurora and Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, and Jungle Book sometimes) all come in Hindi. Barbie speaks Hindi. All the channels have to talk in Hindi, because it's Bombay.

When I went to Bombay and watched TV the first time, they used to talk in English (on the TV). But afterwards they changed it to Hindi. When I saw it the next time, I was surprised to see them talking in Hindi, and so I started learning Hindi.

I was very surprised about how Barbie and Tarzan (and Rainbow Girl too) speak in Hindi. Because I feel it's quite funny to see foreigners talking Hindi!


Konkani Catholics said...

Riza, did you say you were only seven years old?

You're incredible! Thanks for setting a great example.

Keep it up!

PS. Could you blog about Jesus and mama Mary too?

Anonymous said...

hello riza,thankyou very much for sharing your blog with us.
we are reading your blog in England and think you are a very clever girl.