Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Three sketches

[Below, the beautiful mushroom, the pink butterfly and the shade tree, from Riza's collection of sketches.] If you want to learn to draw properly, then first you copy from books.

Once you copy from books, you become better at it, and you can draw without looking.

If you want to make a good drawing, you've got to colour the page fully. But if it's not needed, don't colour it.

If you use felt pens, you can use them for the outline, which is good.

If you use them to colour the full page, then all the marks show behind, so you mustn't do that. My teacher told us not to use felt because all the back-page becomes all spoilt.

I'm still only learning to draw everyday.

When I'm colouring from my colouring book, I don't ask my Daddy for papers.

But whenever I'm doing drawing I ask my Daddy for two or three papers, and then I draw. He says, "Okay" and gives me, but first he says "you must write two blog enteries, then only I'll give you papers."


castella said...

hi Riza, thankyou for sharing your blog about happy life in Goa.

Gail Pinto said...

hi Riza,I liked your drawings. I also like to draw and paint. My name is Gail and I live in Porvorim. When you come to my house we can do lots of drawings and play with my Barbies.
Love, Gail