Thursday, October 19, 2006

The new library called BookWorm

Suddenly, my father told me that there was a new library in Panjim. So I joined it, and I started coming to the library a few days before my birthday. It was a nice library, and all, but on the 16th of October, 2006, they opened a new library at Porvorim. There was one at Panjim also. 16th is also my birthday.

But all the old books were kept in the Panjim library, and the new books were brought to the Porvorim library. So I was... like sad ... because I liked it.

We do many activities, and there is a friend who comes to the library. (He comes to Saligao also.) His name is Anand. I met his mother on the 17th when I had gone to Porvorim. Anand lives in Porvorim, that's why he comes to that library.

I got a friend and her name is Sailee. I met her in Bookworm. I don't know where she lives, and now she's in the Panjim library. Also I got one other friend in the Panjim library. Once we had seen her before. My father knows her father, and her name is Maria.

The Miss' names are ... the teacher in the Porvorim library, we call her Ma'am. But her name is Elaine. The Panjim's one name is Sujata Noronha.

We learnt many things there. Like making our own fish acquarium in a small bottle. We also made coasters [dada, what are those things called, which you put water glasses on?] and we also did printing magic.

Aren, my brother, came on the 17th ... he's three years old. And he came to the library, and was playing. He brought one book... and didn't know how to read. He was just searching the pictures and playing with it.

The teenage twins (now 20)

This story is about the Olsen Twins. They are two girls, and I watched only one movie -- that is, when they go to London. They are some flim (sic) stars, and their names are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They are from America.

I came to know them because, when I watched the movie, I used to see two girls acting in the cartoon movie. I didn't really follow what it was. But the next day, they showed the teenage movie. Then I came to know.

I like them because they are very funny and they act well, and they keep thin and slim, that's why...

They are both 20 years old, because they are twins. Please see more about them []

A joke about Mary Kate: Mary Kate says that she has everything in the whole world, except friends. But I really don't know, how can she be saying that [LAUGHS]... because I'm her best friend.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The rows in school...

In our class, we have four rows. When Felician's mother comes (who has a quiz or reading) the rows are called A, B, C and D. Our row is the A row.

Now just because it's the exams, I'm put in the A row. First girls used to sit together and now we're put with the boys.

The girl sitting me was Anagha, and we were in the C row.

Now let me tell you about the C row. Mohammed and Selvin were put right at the back of the D row. The whole D row was getting points, but because of this Mohammed all their points were getting cut. He was making mustee [mischief] and coming out every time. Teacher asked him: Should I minus your marks?

He said "Yes teacher". The others said, "No teacher." But he said: "YES teacher!"

D row was trying to call me, and said they would send Sushmita to my row.

But I said I didn't want to come. Because they would still have a problem....

Mohammed is minusing the marks. And Shushmita doesn't know much.

In our row, there's a girl named Anishka. And she does well. She's quite good. So I stayed in C row, and the girls were very quiet. Teacher gives difficult questions, and sometimes I can answer one.

She asked one day, "Which is the biggest occean?"

I told Blossom not to raise her hand. She was going to say, "The Baga ocean".

All the children were saying, "This row will get wrong." They were all saying congratulations, and very happy because I was going to get it wrong. The boys row was against the girls row.

When I said the "Pacific Ocean", teacher put one mark on the board ... and they were all so sad.

Now I want my father or my mother to teacher me general knowledge questions. He started teaching me capitals. I know only one: Pakistan's capital ... what it starts with ... give me a little one more... Is-lam... Is-la-ma-bad.

Praying for Aren....

Our baby brother was going to be born (on August 10, 2003). Me and my grandmother (Nana) went to the Lourdes Convent chapel everyday, praying. My father, mother and grandfather were busy at home with work. And now, it's such a joke: they play with him. And me and my grandmother who prayed so much for him... don't even get the time to play with him, and he doesn't play with us. He beats me (sometimes). He's nice also sometimes ... and I love my little brother.

Aren in the boat

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In this picture, Aren (my brother) is in the boat. Aren likes boats very much. He likes things like vehicles and boats. He like motorboats, with motors.

One day we had a movie, which was a pirate movie. I forget it's name. We watched it in Bombay. I'll find out the name from my mother and tell you... no, I know the name. Grimson's Pirate. There was a big boat, and Aren was jumping and so happy just to see a boat.

One day he wants to see a real boat. He's not seen a real motor-boat. And he like boats. Once when we went to Campal, he sat in a peddaler boat. My mother peddalled and it was fun. But he wants a big ship to see.

This is Goa's beautiful river, Nerul. My mother lived in Nerul once. And my grand-mother also. We've got a river in front of our house. There are many trees in Nerul. We have a tamarind tree. We had a coconut tree, but they cut the coconut tree. And we have a jackfruit tree that gives BIG jackfruits. Finished...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Riza and Gabby

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Gabby came to my house one Sunday, and we were playing. Now we are going out to a river. (My brother stood in the boat, and my father took a photo. I will post it next.)

Gabby is my second-best friend. Her sister Abigail is also my second-best friend. I got a best-friend in Bombay. I got many many best-friends in Bombay: Moretta, Trinetta, Ulrica and Vinona....

Aren posing in front of the Army tank

One day I had got hurt and I didn't want to go out. My father said we'll go somewhere nice. But I didn't listen at first. Afterwards, I went.

This is what we saw. We saw an Army tank. And it was very interesting. And my brother was so happy, and he wanted to see the photo.

My brother, in the photo, is wearing a Superman tee-shirt, and he wants to see the picture, but he can't go out because his photo also has to be clicked. I am wearing a red-and-white chequed pant, and a red-and-white tee-shirt also.

Aren is smiling because he's surprised that he has seen an Army tank.

Aren is my brother, and he likes mainly cars and vehicles, like a tempo, a bus, a scooter, a boat, a ship. But the best what he likes is a big boat. And when he sees a trailer-truck he's very happy. He also likes a fire engine, because he likes ladders. And he's learning to climb.