Thursday, October 19, 2006

The new library called BookWorm

Suddenly, my father told me that there was a new library in Panjim. So I joined it, and I started coming to the library a few days before my birthday. It was a nice library, and all, but on the 16th of October, 2006, they opened a new library at Porvorim. There was one at Panjim also. 16th is also my birthday.

But all the old books were kept in the Panjim library, and the new books were brought to the Porvorim library. So I was... like sad ... because I liked it.

We do many activities, and there is a friend who comes to the library. (He comes to Saligao also.) His name is Anand. I met his mother on the 17th when I had gone to Porvorim. Anand lives in Porvorim, that's why he comes to that library.

I got a friend and her name is Sailee. I met her in Bookworm. I don't know where she lives, and now she's in the Panjim library. Also I got one other friend in the Panjim library. Once we had seen her before. My father knows her father, and her name is Maria.

The Miss' names are ... the teacher in the Porvorim library, we call her Ma'am. But her name is Elaine. The Panjim's one name is Sujata Noronha.

We learnt many things there. Like making our own fish acquarium in a small bottle. We also made coasters [dada, what are those things called, which you put water glasses on?] and we also did printing magic.

Aren, my brother, came on the 17th ... he's three years old. And he came to the library, and was playing. He brought one book... and didn't know how to read. He was just searching the pictures and playing with it.

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