Friday, October 06, 2006

The rows in school...

In our class, we have four rows. When Felician's mother comes (who has a quiz or reading) the rows are called A, B, C and D. Our row is the A row.

Now just because it's the exams, I'm put in the A row. First girls used to sit together and now we're put with the boys.

The girl sitting me was Anagha, and we were in the C row.

Now let me tell you about the C row. Mohammed and Selvin were put right at the back of the D row. The whole D row was getting points, but because of this Mohammed all their points were getting cut. He was making mustee [mischief] and coming out every time. Teacher asked him: Should I minus your marks?

He said "Yes teacher". The others said, "No teacher." But he said: "YES teacher!"

D row was trying to call me, and said they would send Sushmita to my row.

But I said I didn't want to come. Because they would still have a problem....

Mohammed is minusing the marks. And Shushmita doesn't know much.

In our row, there's a girl named Anishka. And she does well. She's quite good. So I stayed in C row, and the girls were very quiet. Teacher gives difficult questions, and sometimes I can answer one.

She asked one day, "Which is the biggest occean?"

I told Blossom not to raise her hand. She was going to say, "The Baga ocean".

All the children were saying, "This row will get wrong." They were all saying congratulations, and very happy because I was going to get it wrong. The boys row was against the girls row.

When I said the "Pacific Ocean", teacher put one mark on the board ... and they were all so sad.

Now I want my father or my mother to teacher me general knowledge questions. He started teaching me capitals. I know only one: Pakistan's capital ... what it starts with ... give me a little one more... Is-lam... Is-la-ma-bad.