Friday, October 06, 2006

Aren in the boat

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In this picture, Aren (my brother) is in the boat. Aren likes boats very much. He likes things like vehicles and boats. He like motorboats, with motors.

One day we had a movie, which was a pirate movie. I forget it's name. We watched it in Bombay. I'll find out the name from my mother and tell you... no, I know the name. Grimson's Pirate. There was a big boat, and Aren was jumping and so happy just to see a boat.

One day he wants to see a real boat. He's not seen a real motor-boat. And he like boats. Once when we went to Campal, he sat in a peddaler boat. My mother peddalled and it was fun. But he wants a big ship to see.

This is Goa's beautiful river, Nerul. My mother lived in Nerul once. And my grand-mother also. We've got a river in front of our house. There are many trees in Nerul. We have a tamarind tree. We had a coconut tree, but they cut the coconut tree. And we have a jackfruit tree that gives BIG jackfruits. Finished...

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