Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Aren posing in front of the Army tank

One day I had got hurt and I didn't want to go out. My father said we'll go somewhere nice. But I didn't listen at first. Afterwards, I went.

This is what we saw. We saw an Army tank. And it was very interesting. And my brother was so happy, and he wanted to see the photo.

My brother, in the photo, is wearing a Superman tee-shirt, and he wants to see the picture, but he can't go out because his photo also has to be clicked. I am wearing a red-and-white chequed pant, and a red-and-white tee-shirt also.

Aren is smiling because he's surprised that he has seen an Army tank.

Aren is my brother, and he likes mainly cars and vehicles, like a tempo, a bus, a scooter, a boat, a ship. But the best what he likes is a big boat. And when he sees a trailer-truck he's very happy. He also likes a fire engine, because he likes ladders. And he's learning to climb.

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