Monday, April 12, 2010

My favourite teacher

My  favourite  teacher's name is Miss Sonjode. She is realy  kind and sweet... but she  is  not  my  class  teacher. She is my  subject teacher. She teacher my Konkani.

I have many other favorate teachers to like Sr Flory, Miss Mary, Miss Dipti, Miss Judith Pereira, and Miss Judith Lobo, etc.

I go to Lourdes Convent High School and I am in the sixth standed. Next year I am going to be in the 7th.[?]

Risks on Facebook

I have joined Facebook a month ago.and I already have 77 friends. My mom doesn't mind me being on Facebook because  all  of my friends are on it and they keep talking  about it. And I would feel leftout.

So one fine day my mom said, "Okkkk, you can be on Facebook." But my father dosen't like me being on Facebook. He has already told me the risks of kids on Facebook.

But I like Facebook and I love the games and all of my family members are my friends on Fbk. My best friend Isabel is on Facebook too and so is Abigale, Varuna, Rebecca etc.

My friends are only below the eighth standard mostly except people who my parents know. And I don't mind at all. I am just so happy to be on Fbk.

The summer camp (at Don Bosco's)

I am going for a summer camp to Don Bosco's High School. I will go with my friends, and we will take cooking, dancing and film-making classes. Me, Abigale, Gabriella, Delilah and my little brother (Aren).

My brother will take Taekwando and Skating and we will h ave a lot of fun. When we have a break, we will read books and play for the rest of the holidays. I will go to the pool. I will also go shoping, and to my friends' house to play.

My best author: Meg Cabot

My best author's name is Meg Cabot, and I read on the Net that she is the first New York Times bestselling author of over twenty-five series and books for both adults and tweens/teens, selling over fifteen million copies worldwide.

Her Princess Diaries series, which is currently being published in over 38 countries, was made into two hit movies by Disney. Meg Cabot has also written the Mediator and the 1-800-Where-R-you series, Missing, All American Girl, Teen Idol, Avalon High, How To Be Popular, Pants on Fire, Jinx, Queen of Babble and many more interesting series.

Meg Cabot is my best author because she writes so well and makes her books so intresting, that you never stop reading them.