Thursday, November 30, 2006

Our favourite teacher

Our English teacher's name is Teacher Neeta. She is very sweet. We all like her very much. We love her. She gives us stickers, and she talks to us very sweetly. She's very helpful. She always gives us tests what we like, and she gives us nouns and fun-riddles sometimes. She also gives us nice stickers when we completely our work neatly and do our homework.

All the children like her. When she comes in the class, they all shout, "YAAAAAAAAAAAAY."

The children like when she gives us tests. Because she gives English tests, and they like to write English. You can write it neat and touch the line. Children like to touch the line.

If we don't complete our work, she doesn't send us out for recess.

There is a boy called Edward (Anthony's son). She is his aunty. I don't know (where she lives).

Thursday, November 23, 2006

My hobbies and movies

I like quizes and drawing. I like playing also. And I love movies. Some movies which I like the BEST: on Pogo, the Olsen Twins, on the Hallmark Channel I like Sabrina, on HBO I like to watch Shark Boy and Lover Girl. But I don't like the movie. I don't like them. But I want to know, because I've never seen it before and my friends are telling me about it.

I also like the Goblet of Fire. It's a very nice movie, and I've got it. I also showed it to my school. Those who want to borrow it, can ask me and put your name down in my blog. You got to give it back {in how many days dada? three, two?} You've got to give it back in two days.

My teacher Neeta also wants to borrow it. She's very sweet.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sarfaraj goes for Taekwondo

There is a boy in our class, and his name is Sarfaraj. He's very smart in Taekwondo. He had joined after all the other children, after two boys called Vikram and Eric. Vikram and Eric had also done well, but he's on the black belt -- the last belt.

Only those who were on the 'black' belt would get a free ride to Bombay, for their training.

Sarfaraz was on the 'black' belt. So he got a free ride to go to Bombay. He went for some days, and afterwards he was absent. But Eric and Vikram were on the yellow and green belt. But they had to pay Rs 2000 to go. So, they didn't want to go.

Sarfaraz is very good at Taekwondo. He's quite smart. He has two best friends in class, and names are Alister and Vikram. His only best friend is Vikram. He likes all the other boys also, but he likes Vikram and Alister the most. I'll find out where he lives. His mother took a black cloth and put all shine on it, and she drew Donald Duck on it, with paint. Sarfaraz took it to school, and the teachers said, "So nice." Even the children liked it and were playing with it.

But he's also good at jokes. He makes very good jokes in class, and makes everybody laugh. Then they have one group of boys, and they all in one game. They run very roughly and fast.

I had joined Taekwondo, but I didn't like it, because I didn't like to do that. I like ballet because it's very gentle. And also I like quizzes, and I bought one quiz book for my class teacher. Other children like many things. I'll introduce you to one kid called Zenia. She likes drawing. She writes very neatly, and she's very good at drawing. She's also good at quiz, and she helps Teacher. And everybody likes here.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cycling in the Convent

Yesterday my friends came and we were cycling in the convent. My brother has one, and I have a bigger one. My brother and me also share a small Zoomie. The other one is a BSA.

I like cycles, because you use your energy and you become thin and slim. And you lose weight, those who have got too much weight.

I am thin, and I don't lose weight.

They were all fighting for the nice small one. Abigail (the bigger one) was fighting for the big bike. Heidi was fighting for the small and the big bike; she had asked for the Zoomie. Gabi was fighting was for the small bike what she was riding, and the bike Abi had, but she didn't like the Zoomie.

Abi wanted only the big bike and the smaller one, but not the Zoomie.

So there was some confusion. Gabe was saying, "Now I'm not going to help you'll." Then we cycled on them, I carried one, Gabe just walked, Abi and Heidi drove it and came home.

And I wanted the big cycle or the small one. But not the Zoomie. Because the Zoomie goes ... so this... and takes you high. When I grow big, I'm going to buy an automatic cycle. When you press the button, it starts and takes you in circles. And one with a machine built in. If you ask for water, snacks, food or a palace, it should give you everything!


On the Internet, some of the photos are Copyright. Some are Copyleft.

I like the Copyleft because everybody can copy and take them. Even I take them. The Copyright ones you have to pay so much money, just for one photo. So the Copyleft ones are better, and people should make them more of Copyleft.

I was writing a blog entry on the Olson twins, but all the good and nice photos are Copyright. When I grow big, I shall keep my photos and put them in Copyleft. Even I like to copy. Copyright, I don't like it -- because other people can't copy theirs. Now I want to go....

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Going to Candolim beach

These days we have been going to Candolim beach. Because we are in holidays, and we like to go to the beach. We go at around 9.30 and we come back home at 1.30 or 2 p.m.

We go with my friends. Their names are Saachi, Shimmi and Shimoron, and their little brother Junior, and their maid called Preeti. And their mother Grace too. And my mother, and me, and my little brother called Aren.

We swim, and we play with the sand. Sometimes we also make sand-men. We go swimming far, and they all cry for the life-jackets, and the round floats. Saachi and all like their round-floats, and they all fight for it, and my life jacket also.

It takes ten minutes to reach Candolim beach. Aren cries and he swims. He doesn't swim in the water. Not very outside, but in the middle. In the shallow waters.

The chess champion from Goa

Ivana is a chess champion from Goa, and she had gone to Georgia and now she has back to Goa. She has won two gold medals and one brass medal. She is a girl, and she's seven years old. She is from Goa. And she's very good in chess. She is our smallest girl in India who won the chess championship.

It came in the newspapers about her. I saw Ivana in the newspapers. The pictures were she was playing with the chessboard, and with her were all her prizes. People told me that she is a good chess champion, and that she did very well and all. And that her name is Ivana, and that she is seven years old.

I want to be like her. And I got one friend; her name is Abigail. She also likes all these games. But she doesn't like chess so much. She likes carrom. And I like chess.

I've managed to teach my grandmother, and I taught my mother, and I taught my Bombay grandmother. And my father taught me. My mother also knows all the moves now, but only some she doesn't know. I tried to teach my grandfather, and I'll teach him slowly -- because he has work and all. I taught Abigail, and she learnt quite fast from me. Isabel is not very interested. I was trying to teach one girl in the Bookworm, but she had to go home. Of the Bookworm's chess-game, the knight was missing.

I have a good small chess-set -- it's not only a chess-set, it has all games in it. When you're going to a picnic, or travelling, you can carry and take it. There are many games like chess, Chinese chequers, three-in-a-row, snakes-and-ladders ... and there's one which I don't know.

They have magnets. The magnets help all the men not to fall down and to keep sticking on the board, when you're carrying it to a picnic.

I want a new chess set. The day before my birthday, my father took me for shopping, and we saw a new nice chess set. He was going to buy it, but I refused that time, but I wanted the quiz thing. He bought me that. Now I like the chess set. So I'm trying to save money.