Thursday, November 30, 2006

Our favourite teacher

Our English teacher's name is Teacher Neeta. She is very sweet. We all like her very much. We love her. She gives us stickers, and she talks to us very sweetly. She's very helpful. She always gives us tests what we like, and she gives us nouns and fun-riddles sometimes. She also gives us nice stickers when we completely our work neatly and do our homework.

All the children like her. When she comes in the class, they all shout, "YAAAAAAAAAAAAY."

The children like when she gives us tests. Because she gives English tests, and they like to write English. You can write it neat and touch the line. Children like to touch the line.

If we don't complete our work, she doesn't send us out for recess.

There is a boy called Edward (Anthony's son). She is his aunty. I don't know (where she lives).

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