Friday, December 08, 2006

Going to St Britto's

Severina Gardens, Duler
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When I went to the party in Britto's, I made some friends. I only know a few names. Erica and Priyanka. Only that. And Kristoff (my cousin).

The party was about a Britto's party. They had made a new book about Britto's. (A souvenir.)

And then, my brother was dancing with me. And then, one man was calling, making it like assembly. We had lot of fun. They called one man out, and they said, "Where's your hair?" And he was laughing, because he didn't have hair.

Then, they said to the Provincial, "Why are you wearing slippers?" He was laughing because he was the provincial, but they were making fun of him.

I forgot what happened (because it was many days ago), but I'll tell you what we had to eat. It was laid out on a long big table, a rectangular one. They had two kinds of salad, they had chicken cafreal, chicken gobi, pulao, some gravy, bean curry. They also had ice-cream. There was cake, but we didn't have, because we had ice-cream. There was bebique, but we didn't have because we only wanted ice-cream.

Dada met his friends, and Mama met Aunty Melanie. It was about the Britto's 2006 party, for the old boys, my Dada told me.

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