Thursday, November 02, 2006

Going to Candolim beach

These days we have been going to Candolim beach. Because we are in holidays, and we like to go to the beach. We go at around 9.30 and we come back home at 1.30 or 2 p.m.

We go with my friends. Their names are Saachi, Shimmi and Shimoron, and their little brother Junior, and their maid called Preeti. And their mother Grace too. And my mother, and me, and my little brother called Aren.

We swim, and we play with the sand. Sometimes we also make sand-men. We go swimming far, and they all cry for the life-jackets, and the round floats. Saachi and all like their round-floats, and they all fight for it, and my life jacket also.

It takes ten minutes to reach Candolim beach. Aren cries and he swims. He doesn't swim in the water. Not very outside, but in the middle. In the shallow waters.

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