Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cycling in the Convent

Yesterday my friends came and we were cycling in the convent. My brother has one, and I have a bigger one. My brother and me also share a small Zoomie. The other one is a BSA.

I like cycles, because you use your energy and you become thin and slim. And you lose weight, those who have got too much weight.

I am thin, and I don't lose weight.

They were all fighting for the nice small one. Abigail (the bigger one) was fighting for the big bike. Heidi was fighting for the small and the big bike; she had asked for the Zoomie. Gabi was fighting was for the small bike what she was riding, and the bike Abi had, but she didn't like the Zoomie.

Abi wanted only the big bike and the smaller one, but not the Zoomie.

So there was some confusion. Gabe was saying, "Now I'm not going to help you'll." Then we cycled on them, I carried one, Gabe just walked, Abi and Heidi drove it and came home.

And I wanted the big cycle or the small one. But not the Zoomie. Because the Zoomie goes ... so this... and takes you high. When I grow big, I'm going to buy an automatic cycle. When you press the button, it starts and takes you in circles. And one with a machine built in. If you ask for water, snacks, food or a palace, it should give you everything!

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