Monday, November 20, 2006

Sarfaraj goes for Taekwondo

There is a boy in our class, and his name is Sarfaraj. He's very smart in Taekwondo. He had joined after all the other children, after two boys called Vikram and Eric. Vikram and Eric had also done well, but he's on the black belt -- the last belt.

Only those who were on the 'black' belt would get a free ride to Bombay, for their training.

Sarfaraz was on the 'black' belt. So he got a free ride to go to Bombay. He went for some days, and afterwards he was absent. But Eric and Vikram were on the yellow and green belt. But they had to pay Rs 2000 to go. So, they didn't want to go.

Sarfaraz is very good at Taekwondo. He's quite smart. He has two best friends in class, and names are Alister and Vikram. His only best friend is Vikram. He likes all the other boys also, but he likes Vikram and Alister the most. I'll find out where he lives. His mother took a black cloth and put all shine on it, and she drew Donald Duck on it, with paint. Sarfaraz took it to school, and the teachers said, "So nice." Even the children liked it and were playing with it.

But he's also good at jokes. He makes very good jokes in class, and makes everybody laugh. Then they have one group of boys, and they all in one game. They run very roughly and fast.

I had joined Taekwondo, but I didn't like it, because I didn't like to do that. I like ballet because it's very gentle. And also I like quizzes, and I bought one quiz book for my class teacher. Other children like many things. I'll introduce you to one kid called Zenia. She likes drawing. She writes very neatly, and she's very good at drawing. She's also good at quiz, and she helps Teacher. And everybody likes here.

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