Thursday, November 02, 2006

The chess champion from Goa

Ivana is a chess champion from Goa, and she had gone to Georgia and now she has back to Goa. She has won two gold medals and one brass medal. She is a girl, and she's seven years old. She is from Goa. And she's very good in chess. She is our smallest girl in India who won the chess championship.

It came in the newspapers about her. I saw Ivana in the newspapers. The pictures were she was playing with the chessboard, and with her were all her prizes. People told me that she is a good chess champion, and that she did very well and all. And that her name is Ivana, and that she is seven years old.

I want to be like her. And I got one friend; her name is Abigail. She also likes all these games. But she doesn't like chess so much. She likes carrom. And I like chess.

I've managed to teach my grandmother, and I taught my mother, and I taught my Bombay grandmother. And my father taught me. My mother also knows all the moves now, but only some she doesn't know. I tried to teach my grandfather, and I'll teach him slowly -- because he has work and all. I taught Abigail, and she learnt quite fast from me. Isabel is not very interested. I was trying to teach one girl in the Bookworm, but she had to go home. Of the Bookworm's chess-game, the knight was missing.

I have a good small chess-set -- it's not only a chess-set, it has all games in it. When you're going to a picnic, or travelling, you can carry and take it. There are many games like chess, Chinese chequers, three-in-a-row, snakes-and-ladders ... and there's one which I don't know.

They have magnets. The magnets help all the men not to fall down and to keep sticking on the board, when you're carrying it to a picnic.

I want a new chess set. The day before my birthday, my father took me for shopping, and we saw a new nice chess set. He was going to buy it, but I refused that time, but I wanted the quiz thing. He bought me that. Now I like the chess set. So I'm trying to save money.

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