Friday, September 29, 2006

This is the girl who's blogging, and it's me

Riza, at 5
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In this photo, I'm five years old. And I was just sitting on the chair, and feeling funny because they were taking a photo.

When I was five years old, I'll tell you what kind of a cake I had for my birthday. Everybody knows what a mermaid is. But this was a nice mermaid, and her name was Ariel the Little Mermaid. It was a nice cake. And all the children were worrying me to eat Ariel.

Some boys wanted to eat Prince Eric, some wanted to eat the crab Sebastian, the girls wanted to eat Flounder (the fish). Ariel is the mermaid. Eric is a human prince, but Ariel is a Mer-Princess.

When I was five, I used to always like to go to Baga beach. But now I don't like to go there, because they don't have shells (on that beach). I like to go to beaches where there's water coming coming close, and where there's a small stream. With beautiful trees, with many rocks to sit on and restaurants.

When I was five, I also had a friend, who was my best friend, and her name was Abigail. She's still my friend, and when I was five, she was six. Now, when she is eight, I am also eight. Because she's just a little older to me. She's going to be nine, and even I'm going to be nine. Now I am in the third standards, and so is she.

I like a teenager picture of me when I'm a little bit bigger. This picture looks so small, like a baby. And I had short hair. I like long hair also. I like pants or long skirts, but not short skirts. I like chanya-cholis or sarwal-khameez ....but not sarees.

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