Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lourdes Convent is near my house...

Lourdes Convent
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Lourdes Convent is a very good school. I like it very much. It's my best school. They teach us many things: computers, craft, drawing, games and art-work ("wealth out of waste") and singing, and PT. Jokes, riddles, songs and general knowledge questions. We also have a playing time, where we play.

A special teacher comes for us and gives us all games.

I got some teachers who are very kind to me. The first standard teachers are Sister Angeline and Teacher Rosy. The second teachers are Teacher Savia and Teacher Sybil. And the third standards' are Teacher Bela and Teacher Judy, who are my teachers. Teacher Latika and Teacher Nita are from the fourth standard, but are also my teachers.

My school also has a lot of activities. We play and study. We have many games like x-and-zero, SOS and others. There's one girl who said, "Let's give x-and-zero a name." So I thought of a name, and called it Ox. So we all call that name Ox.

You just have to draw two lines, and one has to put... give me a board.... I want to draw on a paper book. Okay, this way. Then we put the points for the rows. A and B are the girls, and C and D are the boys. Whoever gets the most points win.

I would like my school to have swimming, if they could, and also to some puzzles and games, and chess also.

The high school's principal name is Sister Lily, and our principal's name is Sister Esmeralda. The nuns are very kind to us.

We also have a chapel down; the middle-floor is a chapel. We are allowed to go to the chapel. We have a really good time in our school. My father and my uncle were in this school, and they had many friends. It is a girls-and-boys school.

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hi,i am in lchs too,i am rashila[you might have heard of me,i am in the parliament]i am from the 8b,what is your name???