Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Aren in Navtara

Aren Sept 2006
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When we went to the restaurant, some people came. Aren was making good jokes. Aren is my brother, and he is three years old. And he loves to play.

He was laughing and playing, and laughing simply at all. And he was saying 'hi' to the peoeple so many times. He was asking, "Can I have watermelon juice."

He ate a gulab jamun, and he said "Yukk". And the people next to us started laughing at him. He told the waiter, "Excuse me, can I have watermelon juice?" People started laughing at him.

In the restaurant, my father ate a thali (rice plate). My mother ate a masala dosa. I ate chole masala. My brother ate at little of the dosa. And he ate some rice and curry, and he drank some watermelon juice.

The hotel was pretty clean, there was very tasty food, and this time the food was become better. We had also gone to this restaurant the last time, when we went for the Superman movie.

We went to the shop selling sweets and cold-drink. We bought sweets like 'buddikabal' and 'pedas'. Buddikabal is means 'old man's hair' because it looks like that. It is sweet and white, and sometimes they put some almonds -- but not always. It tastes not very sweet, and a little bit sour. Children
like it because it's sweet and tasty. And there's a man in our school who sells 'buddikabaal' and he makes it very tasty.

Pedas are made out of milk, and it has some yellow food colour. And it's very tasty and sweet. It's round and circular, the size of a small marble. And it's good to eat; it makes you healthy.

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diabolic preacher said...

is this navtara the one in panjim? i like it a lot.