Monday, September 25, 2006

The interesting animal zoo... at Byculla

One day, we went to Byculla Zoo. In the zoo, we saw one colourful bird, which looked like a cuckoo. We didn't know what it was. So, if anybody knows, please can you tell us? I also saw a lion and a lioness; but there was no tiger. I saw a sleeping bear also, and a rhinoceros. I saw some swans, and some pelicans. Not pelicans -- what are those who fish? -- cranes.

In the zoo, there were some nice statues. One was Queen Victoria, the other was King Edward. And I just forgot the others. I don't know why they kept the statues there. Ah, they kept Queen Victoria because it is called the Victoria Garden. And King Edwards.... there's no thing about him....

There was a board that I saw, where it was written the limits of Bombay. When we went inside, we saw a beautiful elephant. It was not a true one, but just made of stone.

Long long back ago, some people had made it, and it broke. These zoo people found it, and put the pieces back again, and they made it like new, and it looks so beautiful.

There was a rhino named Shiva. I'll tell you the story about him.

One day, there was a man, his wife and a child. They went to the zoo. The child kicked his slipper, and kept it on the cage. The father went to get the slipper. The rhino just bashed the fellow, and he died. That's why they now removed Shiva's horns. Finished.


diabolic preacher said...

are you sure shiva bashed the guy just like that?

workhard said...

Hi, if you can put a picture of the colorful bird then maybe someone can help you out.

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