Monday, September 25, 2006

Our Ganesh holiday in Bombay

In Bombay, I have a lot of friends. I went for my Grandmother's birthday to Bombay. It was on August 24, and reached Bombay on the 25th. We went by train.

We met some children on the train. The boy's name was Aditya. And the girl's name was Nandita.

Then, I saw many things. I saw trees, I saw fields, I saw tunnels and beautiful birds in the sky in the train.

When we reached Bombay, we had to go out to pickup my grandmother's two sisters, Maam and Aunta. We also found that we had some new neigbours. The big one's name was Ulrica and the small one's name was Vinona. I made friends with them.

I have some good friends called Moretta, Trinetta, Rashika. There are other children whose names are Kamakshi, Jonathan, Runali, Presley, Twaila and Lianne. I like Moretta and Trinetta, because when I was a baby, I used to go to their house to play, and they always looked after me. Even now. That's why I like them.

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