Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tell me the name of this mango, please

Mangoes are not my best fruit, but they are somewhat.... We get mangoes only in May. We also got a big mango tree at home. I like those mangoes very much; they're my best mangoes.

They are not Mankurad (malcurada) mangoes. I don't know what kind of mangoes they are; and even my parents don't. Can somebody please tell me? If I get the information I would be very happy. They are green coloured mangoes, and big, and sweet and juicy. They contain natural sugar. I like them very much.

When the mangoes are green, they're not raw but ripe.

My brother Aren, who will be three in August, doesn't like the green mangoes from our tree. He only likes Mankurad mangoes very much.

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