Thursday, May 18, 2006

Stamps can be beautiful

Today, one aunty sent me some stamps. Her name is Aunty Valerie. I liked them very much.

One stamp is from India. It is the Taj Mahal, Rs 15. There is another Indian stamp, which shows a dog picture. Rs 5. There's another stamp, it's from Kenya. It shows a picture of cashews hanging from the tree with a 50 cents (?) denomination. This stamp comes from the Australia. It shows a picture of a man bending down and he got rainbow colours. 50 cents. Memborune Commonwealth Games.

There are many other stamps. I'll just tell you'll. There are other stamps with pictures of flowers, of birds, of leaves, of stars, of butterflies, of plants, etc.

Stamp collecting is fun because you can collect old stamps, and you can call friends to your house and show them stamps. You can agree which they like. If you can also take each others'. That's why I like stamps. It's good fun to collect also. Sometimes people give me stamps. Like my grandfather. I give others also, sometimes without exchanging. With my grandfather, we exchange together most of the time. He got his stamps; I like his stamps.

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