Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Keeping busy in summer

This holiday there were many summer camps. I went for two. One was in the church and one was in the club. I enjoyed the club one more.

We used to play games, and they used to teach us things. In the church, we learnt songs.

Abigail, Gabe and Heide and Sachi and my cousin Kaira, and Jo-Ancy (a girl who used to be in playschool with me when she was small) also came to the church camp.

Now we're doing the children who came for the club camp: Abigail, Gabe, Heidi, Sachi, Simi and Simron (the twins), Suhail and Tarika, George and Victi, Denise, Shawna, Annika and Conroy, Alister and Eric, Sparsh and Sunika, Joshua and Keenan and Nora, and other too came.

The best activity that I liked was when played games. My favourite game was Chocolate Tiger. Somebody stands in the front here, and looks in front. They close that person's eyes. Some children come in walking from the back. Whenever they come walking, the one with closed eyes says stop. If they shake or fall down they are out.

At the end of club camp we had a little play. I was in the play too, and I was acting like one of the grandchildren.

The story is like this: One day, the children's grandparents were travelling to see them. When they landed at the airport, the robbers came. They were startled. They said, "Please leave us alone. We are very old. You take this (our suitcase) and go." Grandparents arrive home. Grandchildren are very happy, and start shouting. Then, the grandparents tell them, "We have bad news for you. We were attacked on the airport. Fortunately nothing happened." Then, one grandchild said, "Granny, but you promised."

Thought the grandparents could not bring anything for their grandchildren, the grandchildren were happy with all they had done for them in the past. The moral of the story is that we should be grateful to everybody for what they have done for us.

In the church camp, there were many dances. They didn't have plays. I did a song. There were two songs, called 'Gonna Walk' and 'This Train'. I was in the first.

Gonna walk
This lonesone valley
Gonna walk
It by myself
Nobody can
walk it for me
Gonna walk
It by myself

This train is
bound for glory
Carries nothing
but the blessed and the holy

There were two dances too. The Portuguese dance and our dance. I was involved in the mando. They played the cassettee and we danced. Many children danced. There were too many girls and less boys, so they took some girls and made them boys. They made me and my friends Abby and Heidi a boy, but Gabe was a girl.

At the moment, there is a small camp for the big children that's going on in the sports hall of the Lourdes Convent. They talk about religious things and sing hymns and also have some entertainment in the evening. My brother saw them putting their noses in the bucket during one of their games. Some girls were laughing, he told me.

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