Friday, November 16, 2007

My new dogs


I brought two new dogs from Walkover, a shop in Panjim (which has lovely things ... I wish that Walkover was mine and I owned it, because there are so many lovely toys in). I named them Winnie and Minnie. Winnie is dark brown and white. And Minnie is light brown and peach. I like my new dogs very much.
I had another dog before this; it was a bulldog called Chip.
My brother took it and threw it in the field one day, on October 11 (or something) ... can't be, it was after my birthday. Maybe in November. We had just finished cycling, and we were going to put our cycles away. I parked my cycle there, to have a drink of water. When I came out, I saw my brother... he just took it and threw it in the field. I was very angry and sad. I saw two lizzards in the field before that, and after that I saw five... so that's why I couldn't get it from the field. It was also very busy there, and we might be snakes.
These are not real dogs, they're just toy dogs. And my brother had a toy spider, a purple coloured one. He broke its head, and now we only have the body and don't know where the head is gone... Hehehehehe...

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