Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Aren and Grandpa decided to look for my toy dog Chip. Grandpa said, "Let's go find your dog." They asked me to come in, but I was a little scared. Aren and Grandpa went, though I told Aren not to go. I had
seen something cream coloured before, but I thought that was a snake's egg, because there are many snakes in our [village] fields.

Grandpa said, "There it is." So Aren took his hand and pulled out my dog and said, "I found it."

When he gave it to me, I was very happy. I kissed him and hugged him, because he had found my dog and I like Chip very much, better than my two new dogs. I mentioned my two new dogs in my earlier blog, on November 16, 2007... so you'll find the picture there.

Aren, one day, had thrown Chip in the field, when we were cycling. I went into the field, and could not find it. My grandmother said, "Aren threw it, and Aren found it." He is also a very bad boy sometimes. Ehhe... right now he's pulling my hair and banging me.

He just now asked, "Where are we going?" So daddy replied and told him, "To sleep."

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