Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Games and fun

Riza's ninth birthday party, Oct 2007, Goa

[Above, Shimron (with tongue out) and Shimmi.]

On my birthday (October 16), we had four games to play. The names are Simple Simon Says, Musical Chairs, Bombing The City and Passing the Parcel. We had lots of fun.

Twenty-one children had come. Isabel, Abigail, Shimron, Shimmy, and Gabby and others.

The snacks were croquets, French fries, cocktail sausages, popcorn, and cake. My cake was in the shape of a rectangle. It was a Black Forest cake.

My mother helped to make my birthday, and my grandmother, so did Mangal. And my brother and me. And my father also. My grandfather also helped so much.

Riza's ninth birthday party, Oct 2007, Goa

[All my friends, near the swing. The girl who's climbing is Saatchi, and Isable is in the black tee-shirt.]

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